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Meizu CEO Huang Zhang To Personally Lead Company’s Blue Charm Division

by Jed John 7

Meizu continues its restructuring efforts in a bid to achieve greater market presence. The company had earlier rejigged its entire operation, with the creation of the Meizu division as well as the Blue Charm division and the Flyme division. The Meizu division oversees the flagship smartphones while the Blue Charm division handles mid-range and budget models and the Flyme division handles the software aspect. Meizu’s CEO, Huang Zhang was identified as heading the Meizu division while the Blue Charm division is said to be headed by Li Nan, longtime Meizu VP.meizu 15 plus

It is now rumoured that Meizu’s CEO/ Founder Huang Zhang will personally oversee the Blue Charm division in a new adjustment. The report alleges that the CEO will be involved in the product planning and building in the division. This leaves us confused as to what happens to Li Nan who was earlier unveiled as the President of the Blue Charm division. But Li Nan is reported to have confirmed that Huang Zhang has taken over the Blue Charm division to enable the brand launch a major offensive next year from the division.

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Meizu’s Blue Charm division is very well known for its mid-range and budget models which are usually with topnotch designs. The Blue Charm models could sometimes pass for flagship models like the M6 Note and several others. The company is expected to release a flagship or perhaps two products for its 15th anniversary next year. It may just be a scenario of the CEO trying to ensure the smartphones launched under both the flagship Meizu division and Blue Charm division come out with thrilling designs. We’ll be on the lookout to see how this pans out.


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  • joe montq

    The software on these phones is abysmal. Stay far away from Meizu, there is a reason why they are not popular.

    • Yusuf

      Why do not you like Flyme OS? I have been using it for more than 2 years and I really like it for simplicity and clean design. And also there one button for doing what other android phones have to do using 3 buttons

      • This one button is the best solution for Android OS buttons implementation. I don’t like these ugly buttons at the bottom of my screen. But the rumors saying they’ll ditching this button for the all screen display. We’ll see how they doing it.

    • Rob

      I couldn’t disagree more, best OS I’ve used. Got my friend one and they moved away from a Google Nexus phone and love the OS and won’t even consider another brand. It’s very user friendly, super fast and smooth with regular updates, what’s not to like???

  • Muhammad Yasir

    they better have good cheap phones !

    • vol4ok

      Oh boi do they have. New phone should be price no more than 200$ After release of Xiaomi redmi5 which cost 150-190$ has new bezeless design, great cpu, ram, storage capacity. Basically New Meizu phone are forced to have even better hardware,software, design and importantly Price.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        sounds great !

        can’t wait to see their revamped ‘blue charm’ line up next year !