Samsung Launches The World’s Smallest DRAM Chip

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Earlier today, Samsung Electronics announced it has developed the world’s smallest DRAM chip.

Samsung DRAM Chip

Belonging to the 10nm class just like its predecessor, the 8-gigabit chip also features a 15% improvement in energy efficiency and a 10% increase in performance. Its operating speed has also increased to 3,600mbps per pin compared to 3200mbps of he first gen model.

Samsung’s new chip will make its way into mobile phones, graphic cards and cloud-computing centers. The Korean giant also added that it will change most of its existing DRAM production capacity to 10-nm chips next year.

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“Through a rapid ramp-up of the 2nd-generation 10nm-class DRAM, we will expand our overall 10nm-class DRAM production more aggressively, in order to accommodate strong market demand and continue to strengthen our business competitiveness.” said Gyoyoung Jin who is the president of memory business at Samsung Electronics