Galaxy Note 8 Encounters Battery Related Problem, Some Models Not Charging Once Battery Reaches 0%

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Last year, Samsung had to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 within few months after its launch as it had encountered life-threatening battery related issues. Earlier this year, Samsung had introduced the 8-point battery safety check system to let its fans know that the future phones from the company will not come across such an issue. Unfortunately, some of the units of the recently introduced Galaxy Note 8 smartphones have met with a battery related issue. Users of Galaxy Note 8 have taken to the Samsung community forums to state that their Note 8 units are unable to charge once the battery percentage reduces to 0 percent.

Users who have encountered the issue have tried charging the Note 8 using different cables and chargers, but the phablet refuses to charge once it reaches 0 percent and does not turn on again. Some users who have encountered the problem have said that they are able to see charging cycle on the screen after connecting the charging cable, but the phablet refuses to charge. Others have said that when the Note 8 is kept for charging, it becomes warm and the display goes blank. Users who have tried wireless charging have claimed that Note 8 becomes unresponsive but continues to show blue charging light.

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Customers who have availed Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units through Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint seems to have come across this issue. Hence, it appears that the carrier variants of the Galaxy Note 8 appear to be the most affected. There is no confirmation on it, but it could mean that the Snapdragon edition of the Galaxy Note 8 could be facing this issue.

Samsung is aware of the issue and is ready to replace affected Galaxy Note 8 units after inspecting each case. One of the administrators on Samsung US forums has advised users who met with the issue to return the affected units to get a replacement device.

At present, it does not seem to be a widespread issue and also it may not be as life-threatening as the issue that had surfaced on the Note 7. If it’s a software related issue, Samsung may roll out a new software update to fix the issue. As of this writing, it is advisable for Note 8 users who are facing the above issue to contact Samsung in order to seek a replacement.

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