2018 YI Brand Sale On GeekBuying Offers Latest Arrivals At A Discounted Price

by Vinay Patel 0

Geekbuying is offering 30% discount as part of its latest promo that kicked off on January 2. The promo features a slew of newly-arrived cameras and other YI-branded items. Let’s take a look at some of them.

New Arrivals

This section features YI-manufactured cameras that are available at a discounted price. First off, the site is offering a 38% discount on YI Lite Hi3556 Action Camera, which sells for $159.99 without the discount.

The YI Lite Hi3556 offers professional 4K/20fps, 1080p/30fps, 1080p/60fps video recording quality and 16MP still image capture thanks to Sony IMX206 image sensor natively. Click here to buy YI Lite Hi3556 Action Camera.
The site is also offering a 25% discount on YI Ultra Dash camera, which brings down its original asking price to $89.99. The Ultra Dash camera comes with a high efficient H.264 video encoding, and up to 30/60 fps (frames per second). You also get 16 TF card with this product. Click here to buy YI Ultra Dash Camera.

Capable of delivering in wind, shine or even rain, YI Outdoor Camera is currently available on GeekBuying at a discounted price of just $79.99, which is a big 31% discount on the device’s original asking price of $115.36. You can click here to buy it at a discounted price.


Apart from that, the promo offers various other cameras including the international version of YI 4K+ Action Camera with a 38% discount, the international version of Xiaoyi YI 4K Action Camera with a 40% discount and EU Edition of YI Home Camera which is up for grabs for just 36.99. This is a considerable 56% reduction from its original asking price of $83.87.
Local Warehouse

Under this section of the promo, GeekBuying is offering various items at discounted price. It features Xiaoyi YI 4K+ / YI 4K-compatible charging dock for just $12.99, and XiaoYi Aluminium Alloy Self-Timer Monopod Selfie Stick which bears a 53% discount on its original asking price of $85.15.

In addition to that, the category has some amazing items including the international version Xiaoyi YI 4K Action Camera, Xiaoyi Yi Smart Car DVR at a discounted price.Accessories

You can get your hands on a slew of accessories at a discounted price. There’s a stylish portable flexible leg Mini Tripod that you can buy for just $1.99, which is a mammoth 81% discount on its original $10.45 asking price. You can also buy Xiaoyi YI wrist strap mount for Xiaoyi YI Action Camera by shelling out only $12.99 and save 48%.
It’s worth noting that this promo is slated to end on January 15th so if you want to take advantage of 2018 YI Brand Sale on GeekBuying, head straight to this link.

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