Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S Dual Camera to Support Portrait Mode, 1080p Slow-Motion Video at 120Fps and More

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Plenty of information on the features and specs of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S flagship phone have emerged through its firmware files. XDA Developers has today shared key information on the features of the AI dual camera of the Mi MIX 2S

Xiaomi has been consistently teasing Mi MIX 2S camera features like multi-frame image processing and slow-motion video shooting on Weibo. By decompiling the MIUI Camera app of the Mi MIX 2S, the publication has managed to reveal more information on these features.

Portrait mode has become one of the integral camera features on handsets featuring dual rear cameras. Since the predecessor Mi MIX 2 came with a single camera, it could not shoot photos in portrait mode. Previous reports have revealed that the Mi MIX 2S will be arriving with dual rear cameras.

The APK file of the MIUI Camera app has revealed that the Mi MIX 2S will be indeed equipped with portrait mode. Since the value of the portrait mode has been true in the configuration file, the dual cameras of MI MIX 2S will carry support for this feature.



Multi-frame noise reduction (MFNR) technology allows the camera to snap multiple shots in quick succession and then superimpose them to reduce noise. The publication claims that this feature could be available as a feature in the latest version of the MIUI Camera as the firmware files contains several strings related to it. The below images also show that are couple of evidences for AI Camera in the MUI Camera app. It has been previously revealed that the dual rear cameras of the Mi MIX 2S will be able to detect various kinds of scenes and adjust camera settings accordingly to capture best quality images.


The Mi MIX 2 can capture HD quality slow-motion videos at 120fps. However, the MIUI Camera reveals that the Mi MIX 2S will be arriving with support for recording Full HD (1080p) slow-motion videos of 120fps by default. Also, it will be able to capture 720p slow-motion videos at 240fps.

Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-2S-1080p-120fps Xiaomi-Mi-Mix-2S-720p-240fps

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The MIUI Camera APK also reveals that the Mi MIX 2S will be able to encode videos in HEVC. The APK file also contains references for other features like “parallel processing” and “dual SAT cameras.” However, there is no information available on these features.