Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng Berates Snapdragon 845, More Optimistic About Helio P60

by Habeeb Onawole 0

There’s dissatisfaction among fans of Lenovo following its decision in using the Snapdragon 625 processor in the newly announced Lenovo S5. Statements made by the VP of the company, Chang Cheng, hints at more decisions that fans may not be pleased with.

According to him, “the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform focuses too much on performance and still isn’t well optimized. So he isn’t optimistic about any Snapdragon 845-powered phones (like the Mi MIX 2S).

Lenovo VP Helio P60

He adds that power, AI, 5G are other important areas other than performance and updated cameras where focus should be placed. These areas, he says are where the Snapdragon 855 focuses on. So for this year, he believes the Helio P60 is a good chip and for next year, the Snapdragon 855. He is also said to have mentioned that Samsung is the only manufacturer capable of perfecting the SoC.

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There are rumors that he may be hinting at Lenovo not launching a Snapdragon 845-powered phone this year and may go with the Helio P60 instead. But this is just a wild guess.

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