Latest Teaser Confirms Huawei P20 Porsche Design Exists

by Habeeb Onawole 0

In 2016, Huawei signed a partnership with German-based luxury brand, Porsche Design. The first result of their partnership is the Mate 9 Porsche Design. It was followed by the Mate 10 Porsche Design last year. Let’s not forget the Porsche Design Huawei Watch 2 also released in 2017.

Huawei P20 Porsche Design

For the first time since the beginning of their partnership, Huawei’s P-series will also get a Porsche Design limited edition, and an official teaser has confirmed it.

So far, there have only been rumors of a Huawei P20 Porsche Design but now that Huawei has confirmed it, we now know there are four members in the P20-series.

Huawei P20 Porsche Design
Alleged Huawei P20 Porsche Design

The above image which surfaced a few weeks ago shows a Huawei phone with triple rear cameras and is said to be the Huawei P20 Porsche Design Limited Edition. The cameras are arranged horizontally instead of vertically like on the P20 Pro.

There is no confirmation that it is indeed the Porsche Design edition. Even though there is usually a difference in design between the Porsche Design version and the Pro version, it is mostly limited to color, branding, UI, and storage; and not a pronounced difference like the camera arrangement.

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The Huawei P20 Porsche Design will most definitely come with 256GB of storage, customized accessories, and a VIP card. It may also be available in only one color – black, and definitely have a significantly higher price tag than its siblings.