OnePlus Teases Cryptocurrency, Could Be An Early April Fool’s Joke

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Cryptocurrency is the new fad this year and we are seeing big corporations jump on the train. The latest is Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus.

Earlier today, OnePlus released a 30-second video in which they mentioned they want to “reimagine” the currency. A few seconds into the video, there is a text that says “Blockchain Meets Never Settle”.

At the end, we also see a spinning gold coin with a OnePlus logo on one side and the face of OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, on the other. There is also a parody of the United States motto “E pluribus unum” but written as “E PLURIBUS PEI-UM”. These hints point towards cryptocurrency.

OnePlus Cryptocurrency

So the big question is if OnePlus is truly launching its own  cryptocurrency? Probably not. Some responses to the video say this is probably a teaser for OnePlus’ April Fool’s joke and they may be correct. However, even if this is a joke, we may get to see OnePlus cryptocoins (1coin sounds better) in flesh.


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OnePlus is known to go practical with its April Fool’s jokes. Last year, its April Fool’s joke was the Dash Energy Drink which it actually made available at select locations around the world. The same may happen this year with the cryptocoin.

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