Snapdragon 845, 660, and 636 Will Get Android P Earlier

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Android has a fragmentation problem and Google is aware of it. To solve the problem, it announced Project Treble last year along with Android Oreo as a way to speed up OS adoption. Now Qualcomm has partnered with Google to make things easier.

In an official blog post released yesterday, Qualcomm explained how it is working with Google to solve the fragmentation problem.

Android P

Qualcomm said it is working on the latest version of Project Treble along with Google by creating “a common development infrastructure to make Android P more accessible on Snapdragon platforms”.

The infrastructure supports the Snapdragon 845, 660, and 636 mobile platforms and will see devices powered by these chipsets get Android P up to 3 months earlier than what was obtainable before. Qualcomm says other mobile platforms are expected to be supported in future.

The project is supposed to continue beyond Android P and will make it much easier and faster for OEMs to update devices to the latest version of Android available.

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While this is definitely good news, we hope other chip makers are working on something similar with Google. We also hope manufacturers and carriers will play their part in solving the problem.