OnePlus 6 Detailed Hands On: Midnight Black, Mirror Black, & Silk White In Focus!

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We were present at the OnePlus 6 event in Mumbai, India yesterday and we got to check out all the new models, including the limited Marvel Avengers Infinity War Edition.

Since the specs and features of the OnePlus 6 have already been revealed, let’s directly go on to the hands on with the two black variants of the new model. They differ quite significantly in the kind of texture and color on the back, so it’s quite likely that you’ll have only one of these as your favourites. You can even say that they are quite the opposites when it comes to the back texture, so let’s take a closer look at the two models.

But before that, let’s cover the basics first. The OnePlus 6 features a notch up front, which is quite small, but could be considered intrusive by some. For them, the company has a solution — same as the one implemented by Huawei. You can essentially hide the notch, by covering the sides with a black layer. To be honest, it’ll eat up the available screen space on top, but at least it’ll look symmetrical, which some might consider essential! The chin at the bottom of the screen is quite thin and won’t hinder your experience.

There are no capacitive buttons which means you have to live with the on screen ones. If it bothers you that the on screen buttons are taking up your essential screen real estate, you can switch to gestures for navigation. I personally tried out the gestures and it felt quite intuitive, or should I say at least some of them felt natural. The swipe up gesture from below to get to home feels perfect. However, getting a step back or forward was not as easy as I initially thought. Instead of having to swipe right from the left side or vice versa to go back or forward, the gestures on the OP6 is designed in such a way that you have to swipe up from the bottom left corner to go back or swipe up from the bottom right corner to go forward. I didn’t find this ideal, especially when I was operating the phone with one hand. Imagine having to reach the bottom right or bottom left corners when you are using it with one hand — trust me, its quite hard!

OnePlus 6 AVengers Edition 03
OnePlus 6 AVengers Limited Edition Front

There’s Gorilla Glass 5 on the front as well as back, so the phone is well protected. The metal frame holds the phone together and retains the metallic color on all the models except for the Silk White edition which features a rose gold frame. The back has the dual f/1.7 aperture cameras with a flash and a fingerprint sensor below it. This is really the place where the different color editions of the OnePlus 6 stand out.

The right side has the alert slider and the power button. On the left, you have the volume buttons and the SIM card slot. Bottom features a USB Type-C port, speakers (not stereo), and a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack.

OnePlus 6 Hands on 14
Midnight Black!

The OnePlus 6 Mirror Black variant is the one with the glossy finish. If you love mirror finish on smartphones, then you are going to instantly love the Mirror Black edition. The combination of premium glass and gloss finish make it a beautiful design. As you might expect, the back is quite reflective but that makes it stand out from the crowd. However, this does bring the issue of fingerprints on the back. So, its a huge fingerprint magnet and during my time with the device I had to wipe it at least a few times to ensure there weren’t any smudges. Nevertheless, if you keep the back clean (you’ll have to work for it), then it is one beautiful looking smartphone.

OnePlus 6 Hands on 06

Coming to the OnePlus 6 Midnight Black model — there’s no doubt that this is my favourite edition among the two. The phone features a matte like finish, despite being made of glass. This is achieved by a corrosion process that ensures the glass back becomes rough like matte. But it isn’t too rough either. It’s a perfect balance between the two and to be honest, this particular finish looks quite beautiful. The fact that it isn’t a big fingerprint magnet gives it definite bonus points. Also, the back is designed in a way that under a strong light, it makes an S shape. Depending upon the angle of the light, the S moves. You can clearly see this in most of the images.

OnePlus 6 Hands on 11

Coming to the Silk White model, it’s a real show stealer. The model stands out among the three standard colors and it’s a shame that its being marketed as a limited edition. I personally feel that this model should be added among the other two black variants as a regular edition. The phone has a premium feel to it, featuring a rose gold frame and a smooth white body. It’s not smooth enough to be slippery but the soft texture feels good to touch. Personally, I feel the Silk White model brings out the best of OnePlus 6’s design as every curve and groove on the phone stands out in this particular edition.

OnePlus 6 Silk White Hands On 05

We also got our hands on the OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Infinity War Limited Edition. We have covered the hands on here!

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So what do you think of the new OnePlus 6 editions? Which one is your favorite?