Meizu 16 Plus front panel leaks, larger than OPPO Find X

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu has been working on the Meizu 16 series right after it announced the Meizu 15. There have been lots of info about the flagships with a large percentage of them coming from Meizu’s own CEO Huang Zhang. A new leak has surfaced again but this time from a Weibo user.

The new leak is an image showing the front panel of the Meizu 16 Plus placed atop OPPO’s Find X smartphone. The idea is to compare how the Meizu 16 Plus measures up against the Find X.

Meizu 16

As you can see above, the area occupied by the screen of the Meizu 16 is larger than the OPPO Find X (bezels and screen included). The screen size of the Meizu 16 Plus has not been revealed but from the image, we can see it is larger than the Find X’ 6.42-inch display.

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Meizu already confirmed that the display of the phone will also house the fingerprint scanner – a first for the manufacturer. The phone will also come with a Snapdragon 845 processor, dual rear cameras, and have support for wireless charging.

The Meizu 16 Plus and its siblings are set to launch on August 26 according to CEO Huang Zhang.