Samsung patents self-repairing oleophobic coating for phones

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My daily driver is the Essential PH-1 (Black Moon) and as beautiful as the phone is, it lives in a case. The sole reason is that it is a fingerprint magnet (and a slippery eel). Take it out of the case and in under a minute it goes from being the most beautiful phone to looking like a mess. This is the same experience for a lot of users who have phones made of glass or ceramic (depending on the finish). However, it appears Samsung has a solution.

The Korean giant has gotten a patent for an oleophobic coating that can “repair” itself. The patent was published by the WIPO earlier this month and it states that the composition includes a polyrotaxane, a polyhedral silsesquioxane and a fluorinated (meth)acryl compound.

Samsung Self-Healing Oleophobic Composition

According to the patent description, devices usually have a tempered glass or a coating to protect the display. When this glass or coating gets broken or scratched, they can’t return to their original shape. They also can’t be used for flexible devices. So Samsung has developed a coating that self-repairs, can be applied to a film (tempered glass) and can be used for a foldable electronic device.

Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone which will have a flexible display. One can deduce that the newly patented composition or film will be used in the device when it launches next year. Apart from being able to heal itself, the composition also has oleophobic properties. So not only can it be applied to the display, it can also be applied to the back of the phone.

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We expect the new material to debut on Samsung’s own devices including its foldable smartphone before making its way to other devices.

In summary, future phones are going to be better protected from scratches and also be smudge-free.

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