Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Remote Controlled Drone is back in stock for 389 Yuan ($57)

by Jeet 0

Earlier this year, in April, Xiaomi released Mi Rabbit Remote Controlled Drone. The device went on sale in China on April 26th for 399 Yuan (approximately $58) and instantly went out of stock. Now, the product is back in stock on Xiaomi Mall with a cheaper price tag of 389 Yuan, which roughly converts to $57.

Mi Rabbit Remote Controlled Drone

The Mi Rabbit Remote Controlled Drone is just like the regular drone but it’s smaller in size. It comes in White and Red colors and has a wheelbase that contains all the hardware components and sensors. There are four extensions attached to the wheelbase, which becomes the base for the propeller blades.

Interestingly, the propeller blades are made of glass fiber, making it durable and comparatively hard to break when falling. Considering the design and structure, the device is also easy to carry as it’s lightweight, weighing at 88 grams and the wheelbase measures 11cm.

The drone is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor which can quickly process data collected from various sensors, including ultrasonic, barometers, and optical flow sensors. It comes with 4GB onboard storage and the device packs 920mAh  battery that can provide around 10 minutes of flight time.

It is also capable of taking 720p videos and gives FPV transmission in real-time. It can also capture still aerial photography with 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution.

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The drone also has a headless mode, gravity sensing, palm take off, four-way rolling and other advanced modes along with a large bandwidth, low delay, anti-interference ability 5.8GHz high-frequency signal Wi-Fi.