Buy BlitzWolf BW-LT9 Color Night Light For Only $7.99 On Banggood

by Vinay Patel 0

With the right lighting, you can create a comfortable ambiance that helps you feel relaxed. That’s exactly what the BW-LT9 Color Night Light Touch Lamp is designed to conceive without emptying your pocket.

BlitzWolf has a reputation for producing a wide selection of inspiring products that surpasses cultures, customs, and geography. Staying true to its notoriety, the company is now offering a noteworthy discount on its feature-laden BW-LT9 touch switch color night light on Banggood.

While the BlitzWolf BW-LT9 would normally set you back $11.99 on online as well as offline stores, you can now buy it at a dropped price of just $7.99 on Banggood. This is a significant 33% reduction in the device’s original asking price.

An absolute bargain at this price, the BlitzWolf BW-LT9 is packed with an impressive array of features. It adopts a 4000K color temperature to create non-dazzling, cozy light while protecting your eyes and reducing eye fatigue.

Moreover, it can easily switch between a white and colored mode that allows the BW-LT9 to create standard lighting and engaging colored ambiance. Aside from that, it features a smart light mode that reduces brightness as battery level drops.

In order to switch the light from white light mode to the color cycle mode all you need to do is to long touch the top of the night light. You can select your favorite light color by tapping the top and return to the color cycle mode by tapping again. To go back to white light mode, you can long touch the top again.

If you’re interested in checking out more details about the BW-LT9 and avail the discount, click here to visit the promotion page. It is worth noting that the promotion sale is slated to end on September 15th.

Get 33% Off On BlitzWolf BW-LT9 Color Night Light