Bullet Wireless V2 earphones seen at FCC, may launch alongside OnePlus 6T

by Habeeb Onawole 0

When OnePlus announced the OnePlus 6 this year, it also announced its first ever wireless earphones – the Bullets Wireless. The earphones got positive reviews but has been plagued by insufficient stock with OnePlus resorting to flash sales for it.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

A new report has revealed we may be getting version two of the earphones soon. The new earphones was spotted at the FCC. It has model number BT32B which is similar to that of the original (BT31B). The label is also said to read “OnePlus Bullets Wireless” though we won’t be surprised if it launches as the Bullets Wireless V2.

There is no info on what new features will be coming with the new version but we want to believe OnePlus has improved the audio quality. The design is still the same – sports-like with a cable connecting both earbuds. Just like the original, it should also support Google Assistant and support fast charging although the FCC image shows it supports 5V/0.5A max input.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless V2 OnePlus Bullets Wireless V2

Since this isn’t a completely wireless pair of earbuds, we do not expect it to come with the Qualcomm QC3026 audio SoC announced a few months ago. if you want that, you may want to look towards OPPO‘s O-Free wireless earbuds.

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Nevertheless, we expect OnePlus to announce the new earphones alongside the OnePlus 6T. Let’s hope this doesn’t suffer from the same supply issues as the original. If you still want to grab the original, OnePlus will be running a limited time sale on September 18 at 10 AM BST.

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