[Updated: More photos, confirmed to be the Nubia Z18s] Could this be Nubia’s dual screen phone?

by Habeeb Onawole 0

There are a number of dual screen phones in the market all with varying designs. There is the ZTE‘s Axon M, there is Samsung‘s W series, the YotaPhone series, and there is the Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus. Nubia might be joining this list based on these photos that just leaked.

Photos of a phone with a display on each side have been seen on Weibo. They were uploaded on Weibo by Chinese leaker “@Kumamoto Technology” and he said they are of a Nubia phone.

On one side of the phone is a large display with thin bezels all around which is definitely the main screen. On the back is a smaller display with an 18:9 aspect ratio too but with thick bezels on all sides. The bezel above the second display is home to dual rear cameras a LED flash and some sensors.

There are buttons on both sides of the phone but we can’t make out a fingerprint scanner. There are also no details about the specs of the device. Nevertheless, we believe this is probably a prototype device and we don’t have sufficient information to confirm if this will make it to the market or not.

Nubia dual screen phone

To remind you, Nubia did release something really exciting at IFA this year — the Nubia Alpha concept smartphone. So, we know they aren’t afraid to play around with the design.

Update: More photos of Nubia’s dual screen phone have been posted on the web and the source has revealed that this is the Nubia Z18s that first surfaced about three months ago. Although the first image and these live photos differ in the position of the LED flash.

These photos are clearer and they show that the Nubia Z18s has curved edges on the back, the signature red accent around the rear cameras and is a fingerprint magnet. One of the photos even shows the clock screensaver we saw on the poster that leaked back then.

We still can’t say if Nubia is going to release this to the public or it has canceled it already.

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