Google registers a new type of independent Stylus patent for cross platform data portability

by Simran Singh 0

Google is keen on registering new patents with some mind-boggling technologies. This time also, Google is one step ahead as they have registered an independent Google stylus patent with WIPO. In actual, Google filed for the patent in 2016, and last week, World Intellectual Proper Organisation (WIPO) has approved it. As per the documents released with the patent, it is believed to carry a different approach for stylus’ working than the primitive strategy. The new Google Stylus is equipped with its wireless interface, memory, and processor.

google stylus patent

Google has followed a different procedure for using Stylus. It is used to store data and further to edit it on different machines across different environments. The cross-platform approach is meaningful as it will help users to do their work across various devices without caring about the data under USI (Universal Stylus Initiative). Currently, a limited information is made available but it is clear that it can be described as an object exclusively to be used for copy-pasting.

Users can send a highlighted text from one machine to another with different means of communication. After the Pixebook Pen which came with the Pixelbook Chromebook has shown Google’s interest in the Stylus technology.

The patent also details it as an “Electronic stylus for storing credentials.” So, we can expect a mechanism which will help users to sign in into different devices quickly using Google’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Further, Google Stylus can store different ‘states’ like “a particular webpage,” “contents of a cache of a web browser” or “contents of an application.”

It will help to begin an era where a user will carry a pen to get access to the digital data. Also, it will bring the old times back when we used to carry a pen while going out of the house.

We can expect a new era based Stylus to launch as an independent device in the coming time.