OnePlus brings forward OnePlus 6T launch to October 29 because of Apple

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Everyone has been looking forward to the launch of the OnePlus 6T for weeks now. The launch date was eventually announced a few weeks ago and scheduled for October 30. However, a new development has caused the Chinese manufacturer to change the launch date. That new development is Apple!

A few days ago, Apple announced it would have an event on October 30, the same day as the launch of the OnePlus 6T, where it is expected to launch the new iPad Pro. The launch will also hold in the same state (New York) and begin an hour after the OnePlus 6T commences. Apple’s announcement changed everything for OnePlus. Both events holding the same day and in the same state and with a timing so close to each other would mean one product would get overshadowed by the other.

New OnePlus 6T launch date

In an official forum post, OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau says they had to talk to their press contacts who said sticking to the date would cause their product to be overshadowed by Apple’s launch. They also had to talk to members of the OnePlus community to get their opinion on the matter. After hours of debate, OnePlus had to “succumb” and announce a new date for the launch:

The OnePlus 6T will now launch on October 29 in New York!

Yes, the decision OnePlus made was to bring the date forward by one day. The venue will be the same and the time will remain 11 AM EDT.

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OnePlus knows the change in the date would affect a lot of people, so the company is offering to cover the cost those attending will accrue from changes in their flight tickets, hotel reservation, and similar arrangements. OnePlus has also announced it will provide a refund for all those who purchased a ticket and wouldn’t be able to attend.

We can all agree it is a tough decision to make but a necessary one.


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