The already delayed Meizu X8 spotted in Two Beautiful Gradient colors! Goes on sale tomorrow

by Joel 0

Meizu X8 is the company’s first attempt at a notched screen smartphone. While we weren’t exactly excited to see a notch on a Meizu phone (they have been avoiding it all this time), the X8 turned out to be a pretty competitive smartphone, featuring the premium mid-range Snapdragon 710 under $250. Overall, the phone offers tremendous value for money at its competitive price tag. Unfortunately, those who were eager to get their hands on the device had to go through multiple delays. But there seems to be a small surprise in store as the phone has been spotted in two beautiful gradient variants.

Back when Meizu announced the X8, it was available in three colors: Blue, Black, and White. These are pretty good colors but in this age where even mid-rangers are coming in beautiful gradient colors, the plain color schemes on the X8 could have looked a bit outdated. The company seems to be readying two gradient color options: Blue-Purple and Gold-Pink. From the teaser video, it looks like they’ll have a high gloss finish, but overall, they look quite beautiful. Interestingly, if you remember, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (Xiaomi’s first gradient model) came in similar gradient color options. So Meizu could have been inspired by the Mi 8 Lite in getting these colors right on its new model.

The company was unable to arrange sufficient stock for the Meizu X8 (display production issues) before the scheduled October 15 date. As a result, it had to release an apology letter to its fans and postponed the release to October 25. It’s highly likely that we’ll hear about these two gradient versions tomorrow.



The X8 offers compelling specs at its sub-$250 price tag in China. You can read all about the phone from our launch article here.


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