Xiaomi’s Roborock Sweep One robot vacuum cleaner gets a Rose Gold special edition

by Habeeb Onawole 0

When you hear of a special edition or new color variant, the first thing your mind goes to is a mobile phone. Occasionally, we see custom versions of certain mobile accessories such as power banks. However, all that seems to be changing as Xiaomi is now extending it to other products in its lineup.

Roborock Sweep One Vacuum Cleaner

This week, it announced a special edition version of its Roborock Sweep One robot vacuum cleaner. The special edition vacuum cleaner has a new color scheme – Rose Gold – and comes in a special gift box. This isn’t the first time the Roborock Sweep One will get a special edition. A few months ago, an Inter Milan Edition was released.

Unlike the original version and the Inter Milan Edition which come in white with gray or blue accents respectively, the Rose Gold edition has pink accents. The underside is also pink.


Apart from the color and obviously, the retail box, the Rose Gold Roborock Sweep One has the same functions as the regular version. Cleaning times can be programmed, suction pressure can be adjusted depending on the type/size of dirt, and battery capacity remains 5,200mAh.

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The Roborock Sweep One Rose Gold Gift Box Edition is priced at ¥2699 (~$389) on Youpin and ¥2499 (~$360) or even less with coupons on Tmall.

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