Oppo attains 5G connectivity support with a customised version of Oppo R15

by Simran Singh 0

It’s been a year since the OEMs have started pushing the 5G compatibility tests. Now, Oppo has got a success in getting support for 5G connectivity. Today, Oppo Global Vice President and President of China Business Department, Brain Shen took to Weibo to announce the latest development. The new Oppo’s development of 5G compatibility has laid a foundation stone for the 5G smartphone’s commercial availability by next year.

oppo 5g connection

Oppo conducted the successful test at Oppo Reasearch Institue in China. Oppo VP, Brain further detailed that Oppo customized R15 smartphone with a compatible 5G hardware. In the lab testing environment, Oppo connected it with the 5G components such as Systemboard, RF, RFFE, and antenna which led to a live 5G connectivity on the mobile device. Even a “5G” logo also appeared in the top right corner of the screen.

Oppo has already joined hands with Qualcomm under the banner of “5G Pilot” program at recent Beijing 2018 Qualcomm China Technology and Cooperation Summit. Oppo VP added that they want to be a key contributor in providing and complying with the 5G standard. in the past, they can also be seen promoting the 5G product development and commercialization. Oppo wants to become world’s first manufacturer to become the first brand to commercially launch the 5G smartphone as soon as possible.

Although, Oppo started researching and developing on the 5G technology in 2015. It catered to the overall research of 5G standard development and explored the features of 5G compatible smartphones. The claims are even verified by International Standards organization 3GPP which states that Oppo is the highest ranked company in submitting 5G related documents.

Earlier this year, Oppo also tested the first 5G video call using 3D structured light technology. It is the successful implementation of 3D vision technology that Oppo has developed. Oppo’s research center director, Henry Tang also talked about the 3D vision in his latest speech of “Ubiquitous Reality – When 5G Meets 3D Vision”.

It is a milestone and a great success for Oppo. Now, we hope Oppo to bring the 5G compatible devices earlier next year.

Are you also waiting for 5G compatible devices next year?


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