OnePlus 6T Rumor Roundup: Specs, Price, Variants, Features – All You Need To Know Before Launch!

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OnePlus is back again with a brand new smartphone and following the usual tradition, the new model will be called as the OnePlus 6T. The core of the new smartphone is essentially going to be the same as the OnePlus 6. However, there are going to be some really big changes when it comes to the external design of the phone. That and everything else about the new phone will be covered in this comprehensive OnePlus 6T Specs rumor roundup article.



OnePlus 6T

Better Notch Implementation

OnePlus is making some significant changes in terms of design on the new OnePlus 6T. While the basic design on the back should remain the same as its predecessor, the front will see a new notch design. As with the OPPO R17 Pro, the OnePlus 6T will upgrade its front design to a waterdrop notch. To be honest, and I’m sure a lot of our readers will agree with me, the waterdrop notch has finally made notches bearable. In fact, unlike the traditional notch design, waterdrop notches look like a natural extension of the phone and the fact that you will most likely get a smaller chin at the bottom too (at least that’s what we are hoping after seeing the renders), we expect the screen to body ratio to increase up to 86%.


Revolutionary Screen Unlock

Another important change in terms of design is going to be the placement of the fingerprint sensor. The phone no longer has a physical fingerprint sensor cut out on its body, instead, it will get the new “screen unlock” feature. Yes, that’s the name for OnePlus’ in screen fingerprint technology and it is said to be really fast and efficient. That’s not what we’ve heard of in screen fingerprint sensors in general, but the company is known to refine existing features and personally, I m expecting the sensor to be good enough to replace traditional fingerprint sensors. The company has confirmed the new screen fingerprint feature on multiple occasions and we’ll know soon enough whether the implementation lives up to our expectation.


OnePlus 6T front render.

RIP Headphone Jack

Another confirmed news is that the OnePlus 6T will ditch the headphone jack. This move is a bit controversial especially since the company has been a solid advocate of a dedicated headphone jack until recently. The OnePlus 5T had it and so did the OnePlus 6. But the 6T will join the likes of Apple and Google in doing away with a dedicated 3.5mm headphone port. Instead, you’ll have to rely on Type-C and Bluetooth earphones for your music needs.

However, the company explains that saying goodbye to the headphone jack did have its benefits. The OnePlus 6T will have a larger battery (“substantial enough for the user to notice” — most likely 3700mAh) and this also opens up space for an in screen fingerprint sensor. Given the benefits, I’d personally say its not a bad deal. But not everyone agrees.


New Color Options

Not much is known about the color schemes of the upcoming OnePlus model, but it’s being said that the company is readying a purple color for the phone. If you remember, we had recently covered an article that showed a number of gradient color finishes for the current OnePlus 6 model which never saw the light of the day. The sunset red gradient, in particular, was my personal favorite. Maybe, this time, with the OnePlus 6T, the company could be bold enough to release a couple of gradient finishes. After all, that’s the trend going on right now in the market.

Note that the traditional midnight black and mirror black models are said to come as standard options for the new model apart from these additional variants.


No IP Rating or Wireless Charging

The OnePlus 6T is confirmed to be water resistant to a certain extent (just like the OP6) but it’s not going to be IP certified. The company explains that it’s not worth the additional cost of getting an IP rating certificate for the device. Further, even this year, we won’t be getting wireless charging on the device.

Now, I could have lived with a non-IP rated but water resistant OnePlus 6T, however, the lack of wireless charging, especially in this age where even the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (which btw is priced very competitively) comes with a wireless charger inside the box (yes, no kidding!), it’s definitely a disappointment. However, the proprietary wired dash charging tech is going to be available on the new model as well, which btw is really really fast, so you can’t complain that the phone lets you down in the charging department.


OnePlus 6T Specs

In this department, expect minimal changes. So you should have the same Snapdragon 845 processor on board with a slightly better camera setup. The display will be a 6.4-inch FHD+ panel with nearly 86% screen to body ratio.


No 64GB Variant?

Recent rumors have claimed that the OnePlus 6T won’t have a 64GB variant, unlike its predecessors. Personally, I find it hard to believe that the company would skip the 64GB version in favor of 128 and 256GB variants. Rumor mill states that the OnePlus 6T Mirror Black will have 6/8GB + 128GB variants while the Midnight Black model will have 8+128/256GB variants. Unfortunately, these don’t come from verified sources so take them with a pinch of salt.


Improved Camera Setup

The front camera should be upgraded to a 20MP f/1.7 aperture setup for better selfies. The rear setup is said to be the same with 16MP+20MP f/1.7 lens, but with the help of AI, the company is will improve its overall camera performance. In fact, with the help of a special low light “Night Mode”, the phone should offer a much better night photography experience. This was one area where the 6 struggled to consistently get good quality images, so its successor is said to have improved in this particular department. Personally, don’t expect something like Google’s Night Sight where the difference is night and day. However, using AI, the overall performance of the phone in low light conditions could turn out to be better than its predecessor.

We have also got the first camera sample from the phone here showing off its low light prowess!


Bigger Battery

We know for sure that the OP6T is getting a bigger battery, however, an exact figure is unavailable from official sources. In a recently leaked battery label of the OnePlus 6T, it was seen to sport a 3700mAh battery. Considering how the OP6 did pretty well with its 3300mAh battery capacity, this kind of upgrade will definitely take the new model’s battery life to another level.


New UI

I’m sure many would agree when I say that OnePlus’ Oxygen OS is one of the best adaptation of Android in the market today. However, the new model is said to have some changes as compared to its previous iterations of UI. OxygenOs is said to get an overhaul with gesture only navigation, deep AI integration, and a lot more. This kind of makes me nervous since I like the current OxygenOS design but let’s hope for an even better experience after the overhaul. Further, its almost confirmed that the phone will come with Android 9 right out of the box.


In terms of benchmarks, OnePlus 6T scores 2387,8925 on Geekbench (similar to OP6) and 297132 in AnTuTu tests.

OnePlus 6T AnTuTu


OnePlus 6T Price & Availability

We know for sure that the OnePlus 6T will launch on October 29 (not 30th!) in New York and October 30th in New Delhi, India. The phone goes on sale on Amazon India on November 2. Shipping starts worldwide from November 6. Also, pop-up events will be held all over the world in 27 major cities on November 2. Full details here!

OnePlus 6T Pop-up Events

Coming to the pricing, a price hike is in the cards. That has been the tradition so far and that’s likely going to continue with the OnePlus 6T as well. The 6 started at $529 which means the new 6T could start anywhere between $550-$600. CNET suggests a price tag of $550, while our own Giztop says its close to $569. Which one is true? We’ll know for sure in two days!

Meanwhile, recent reports have revealed that the OnePlus 6T will be priced as follows:

6 GB RAM + 128 GB storage; Mirror Black
Price: 559 euros; Rs. 37,999

8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage, Mirror Black, Midnight Black and Purple (unconfirmed)
Price: 569 euros; Rs. 40,999

8 GB RAM + 256 GB storage, Midnight Black
Price: 619 euros; Rs. 44,999

Pricing can never be confirmed until the official launch, so take this information with a pinch of salt.


OnePlus + T-Mobile

It’s worth mentioning that the OnePlus 6T is likely going to be the first company flagship to get the backing of a large US carrier, namely T-Mobile. Nothing is official yet, but multiple reports claim that a partnership between the two is in the cards. We’ll get more details at the time of the launch for sure.


I know this turned out to be a really long article, but it covers everything that you need to know about OnePlus 6T specs, rumors and price in detail!

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