Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier/Ventilator hands on pictures: More than just an air purifier

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi yesterday officially announced a new MIJIA Air Purifier model during its Double 11 live broadcast. The device forms part of Xiaomi’s new products that will be available on November 11. The MIJIA Air Purifier has now been unboxed by the guys at MyDrivers and indeed we get to look closely at the device. From the unboxing picture, we can see the new wall-mounted air purifier is even bigger than we thought. Aside from purifying the air, the device is also a portable home ventilator. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier/Ventilator

On the design, the new Mi Air Purifier looks very much like the Mi Air Purifier Pro, with a physical display at the front.   It has an elongated cube shape but isn’t designed to stand on its base. Instead, it is mounted on the wall. The wall mount will be carried by Xiaomi’s installers with a special equipment that would neatly create an opening on the wall. Apart from the wall bracket that will be used to mount the gadget to the wall, a round hole needs to be drilled at the back where a 16cm diameter pipe will pass outside to convey clean air from outside into the home. This will ensure the room is well ventilated.Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier/Ventilator

The smart home gadget is said to also come with three independent filtration layers to remove allergens, PM 2.5 particulate matter, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, dust and other pollutants in order to keep the air inside the room clean. The air purifier can filter as much as 300 cubic metres of air per hour. It uses electricity but the consumption is so low that you don’t have to bother about the electricity bills accumulating.Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier/Ventilator

The OLED display at the front is a touchscreen one which can be used to control the gadget. Apart from the touchscreen controls, the gadget can also be controlled via the Mi app. In addition, the Mi Air Purifier/Ventilator comes with Xiaomi’s Xiao AI voice assistant for voice prompt control. This will obviously be useful for Chinese speakers.

For pricing, the device comes with a 2,499 Yuan ($361) price tag which is way cheaper than other brands in the same category. You can check out some more picture of the gadget from below.