Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 with Xiao AI officially available for reservation in China

by Simran Singh 0

Xiaomi is not only working on Smartphone devices, but they are also dedicated to bringing in smart devices for your daily life usage. They have many products such as Mi Air Purifier, Sports band, smart Toothbrushes, and various other products. Along with these useful devices, Xiaomi has launched one more device i.e. a Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 packed with Xiao AI based voice assistant.

Buyers can book this smart device starting today for the price of 49 Yuan (~US 7). It will begin shipping on November 28th. The new intelligent speaker is crafted out of ABS+PC material and carries a large speaker on the front side with a button on the back side to control it. The Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 adopts small-diameter with large magnetic design, excellent low-frequency support, advanced DRC compression technology and much more.

Along with good hardware specs, its smartness has endeavored with Xiao AI voice assistant. The phone can be connected by means of Bluetooth 4.2, and you can control everything by pressing its single button. You can ask anything from Xiao Voice assistant like navigation, playing music, sending messages on WeChatr, controlling smart home and many other things.

This beautiful yet small device comprises of an attractive and magnetic speaker with a microphone and an LED on the side to let you know about its status. It carries a 480 mAh battery and can withstand 45 days without charging and can sustain 4 hours of continuous music playback. At the volume level of 80%, it can last for 6 hours and should be at the maximum distance of 10 meters.

mi compact bluetooth speaker 2

You will get a speaker, user guide and connector cable in package contents. Its single button will allow you to power up/down your device by pressing and holding it for 2 seconds. Even though, you can accept/reject phone calls with an option play and stop the music. You can reset the device by pressing the same button for 6 seconds.

It’s a perfect combination to enhance your music listing experience and bringing hands-free calling option.