Mysterious Vivo phone with dual displays, triple cameras and Lunar Ring unboxed; Could it be Vivo NEX S2?

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

The Vivo NEX S is one of the most sensational smartphones in recent times since it came with various exciting features such as huge notch-less display, under-display fingerprint scanner, pop-up selfie camera and more. A mysterious smartphone with some advanced features such as dual displays and triple rear cameras has been unboxed on YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss. It is speculated that it could be the Vivo NEX S2.

The video claims that the mystery phone will be debuting in December but does neither reveal the name of the device nor the brand name. The unboxing video highlights the three innovative features of the phones. Even though the phone is shown in the video, it does not really reveal its exact design.

Alelged Vivo NEX S2

The first feature that the video talks about is the Lunar Ring. it looks like a colorful RGB LED ring that can glow for notifications. The LED ring is placed on the rear side of the phone.

The frontside of the phone is mainly occupied by the main display. The backside of the phone features another display. The rear camera system can be used for snapping selfies with the second display acting as a viewfinder. The handset does not feature a selfie shooter on the front. The design of the phone reminds us of the Nubia X dual screen smartphone that was announced at the end of the previous month.

The mystery phone is equipped with triple rear cameras that seems to be placed inside Lunar Ring. An LED flash is placed alongside it. The triple camera setup may include a 3D Time of Flight (ToF) sensor.

Recent rumors have suggested that Vivo is working on a smartphone with dual displays. Leaked photos of the phone have also surfaced to reveal dual display design. However, there is no official confirmation yet from Vivo. Also, there is no direct evidence to prove that the mystery phone unboxed in the above video is the successor of the Vivo NEX S.