New Zealand bans usage of Huawei 5G equipments

by Simran Singh 0

In another blow to Huawei, New Zealand has blocked the usage of Huawei’s 5G equipment in the country. Recently, in the latest development over the US sanctions, New Zealand has also restricted the use of Huawei’s technology for next-generation mobile data network in the country. Along with the US, Australia, and some other countries, now New Zealand has also joined the club.

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The new stance is revealed after Spark, a major telecom operator in the country, was not able to use Huawei’s 5G equipment. The Huawei’s equipment usage has In reply to after the country’s intelligence services denied the proposal citing national security reasons.

Major Chinese giants like Huawei and ZTE have been barred from their services in the US and other countries several times. Many countries have alleged that these companies are sending the data to servers in China. Even close ties with the Chinese government is another reason that has catered in such decisions by different nations.

It follows a similar move that was taken by Australia in August. The decision was taken on the recommendations by the United States which said that the usage of the 5G equipment from Huawei makes the whole network vulnerable to snooping or interference.

Even the United States Embassy in Australia said in a statement that, “The U.S. advocates for secure telecoms networks and supply chains that are free from suppliers subject to foreign government control or undue influence.” Now, US is also asking its allies and friends to consider the same decision for the use of equipment for next-gen networks.

In a reply to these allegations, Huawei said that they are looking into the issue and will actively address it. They also added that Huawei is a private company and nothing is controlled by China government. The company said in a statement that “As the G.C.S.B. has noted, this is an ongoing process,” and “We will actively address any concerns and work together to find a way forward.”

The US lawmakers have even made concerns about the companies business in the developed nations like South Korea. While the developing countries are continuously using the Huawei equipment due to the unmatchable quality at affordable pricing.