Nubia Z17 confirmed to get Android 9.0 Pie

by Simran Singh 0

We had reported earlier that the Android Pie update for Nubia Z17 won’t roll out, we reckon most of you ought to be dejected. Nonetheless, as a relief for the Nubia Z17 owners, the company has now confirmed its plan to give Android Pie 9.0 for the 2017 flagship. Isn’t it a good news? Of course, yes.

ZTE Nubia Z17

Finally, it’s an end of the misconception that arouses as a result of small communication gap that made all of us think the company would make the Nubia Z flagship to end its life cycle with just Android Oreo. In fact, the confirmation came out late on the night of December 4, when a Nubian officially posted a post in the Nubian Forum clarifying the whole situation; “Small surprises” and “small misunderstandings” about Z17. In this post, Nubia said that Z17 will upgrade to Android 9.0 system. Well, sometimes bad things have to happen before good things.

As an icing on the cake, the Nubian official stated that the Nubian engineers have even prepared a surprise for the Z17 users in the form of Android 9.0 (P) update. That too based on Android 9.0 Nubia UI official version. It’ll mark as the second major update coming after the Nubia 6.0 update which bought Android Oreo early this year. So, Nubia Z17 users don’t be done with your device as one more major update is coming soon to rejuvenate your device.

Although Nubia has cleared the air about Nubia Z17 update, the fate of Nubia Z17s isn’t. There was no official word regarding the Nubia’s second flagship for the year 2017. However, our gut feeling says the device too will get Android Pie update in the near future.  Let’s wait and see what the Nubia development team has up its sleeve for the Nubia Z17s.

That said, what you guys have to say about the update regime of Nubia. If they’re willing to seed two major updates for their flagship devices it’s something which is not bad, isn’t it? Let’s know your views in the comment section below.