Mid-Range Sony Xperia XA3 Variants certified before a possible CES 2019 Launch

by Joel 0

Sony’s smartphone game hasn’t been impressive in the past couple of years. The company is still making flagship phones like the Xperia XZ3 powered by Snapdragon 845, but its mid-range models are likely doing better than its top-end ones. The company is expected to update its mid-range Xperia XA lineup at CES 2019 and before its launch, a couple of models seems to have been certified on EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission).

Sony Xperia XZ3

Three Sony models, namely I4113, I4213 and I4312 were spotted on EEC a couple of days back. Going by their naming scheme, they seem to be a part of the Xperia XA3 lineup. If you remember, the model number H4213 belonged to Xperia XA2 Ultra and the H4113 was the model number for Xperia XA2. Given that every year, Sony moves on to the next letter in the alphabet series (G in 2017, H in 2018 and hence, I in 2019), these models could very well be the upcoming Sony Xperia XA3 models. We saw the XA2 models back at CES 2018, so the new models could debut in January next year at CES 2019. There’s one more model with the number, I4312 but we are not sure of the identity of this particular one.

Sony Xperia XA3


We haven’t got a lot of details about the Xperia XA3 yet, except for a possible render from onleaks. We should also meet the Xperia XZ4 flagship in the next few months.