CES 2019: A Quick Look at what we can Expect from the Big Players this year!

by Michele Ingelido 0

CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show), the biggest tech-related trade show of the year, is just around the corner. It will start tomorrow January 8 in Las Vegas and it will last until January 11. At the event, several important hi-tech companies will make big announcements of new hi-tech products. Just like every year, we will cover the major announcements from CES 2019 here on Gizmochina, with a special focus on mobile and Chinese companies. Here is what to expect from the most important companies in the mobile sector starting from tomorrow.

Alcatel and BlackBerry

As you probably know if you follow Chinese hi-tech companies, Alcatel and BlackBerry are both owned by TCL. And both will attend CES 2019. That is what we expect from them.

  • New Alcatel phones, but we likely won’t see any BlackBerry-branded device at the event.
  • Tablet and smartwatches: Alcatel is launching new phones, along with a new smartphone display tech.
  • New automotive-based software called BlackBerry QNX.

Huawei and Honor

Despite smartphones being its most important business, Huawei will most likely not launch any phone at CES 2019. Instead, it is expected to focus on:

  • Tablets: we may see new devices from the MediaPad line-up and interesting prices in Las Vegas
  • Laptops: the company may showcase new notebooks from the Matebook series.
  • Honor View 20: it is the global version of the Honor V20 and it will launch in the international market on January 22 in Paris. The company may decide to showcase it at CES 2019 but considering the tension with the US, the tech giant might decide to keep this low key this year.


Even though it has been seeing a strong decline for about seven years, HTC will attend CES 2019. But its press conference will probably not be dedicated to phones. The company is expected to showcase new HTC Vive products, both hardware, and software. According to unconfirmed rumors, it might showcase:

  • New standalone VR headset.
  • New VR game demos, accessories and other kinds of VR-related hardware.


Lenovo often takes advantage of important trade shows to mainly launch new laptops and probably this year will be the same. Lenovo may unveil:

  • New Legion laptops for gamers with Nvidia GTX dedicated GPUs.
  • A new VR headset or VR-related accessories
  • New smart home products such as a new smart display.
  • A Special edition Lenovo Z5 Pro GT (SD855) will be showcased at the event.


Until a few months ago, LG was expected to unveil its first foldable smartphone at CES 2019, but according to the latest news, this will not happen before the third quarter of 2019. Instead, LG should unveil:

  • World’s first rollable TV for consumers with a flexible OLED display
  • Three soundbars with support to Google Assistant and Dolby Atmos
  • New 8K OLED and LCD TVs with various dimensions as well as portable displays
  • Smart home products for the kitchen with Google Assistant and Alexa installed



Samsung never launches its flagships at CES, so it is unlikely that Sammy will showcase the Galaxy S10 at the 2019 edition. Instead, it should come up with:

  • The launch of Samsung Galaxy Home, the new smart speaker with Bixby on board which was unveiled a few months ago alongside the Galaxy Note 9.
  • Samsung Notebook 9 Pen: a laptop with S Pen and Windows 10 for productivity with additional pen-related features.
  • Innovative and high-end televisions, including 8K and QLED TVs.


We do not know if Big G planned the launch of new hi-tech products at CES 2019, even though some rumors hinted at an imminent launch of the first affordable Pixel devices: the Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite. Instead, we believe the company will focus on Google Assistant for CES 2019. Even without any hardware products at the event, the company would likely enjoy a strong presence throughout the event with its Google Assistant and other features.



Sony usually holds the most interesting press conference of the whole trade show, if we consider mobile devices. But this year it may not be the case, according to the latest rumors. However, according to previous info, the Japanese company is set to announce:

  • Sony Xperia XA3 and variants: the new midrange smartphones line-up which is expected to be composed of three variants: Xperia XA3, XA3 Ultra and XA3 Plus.
  • Sony Xperia L3: a new entry-level device (compared to the rest of its line-up) focused on the price.
  • New TVs, including 8K ones.
  • New smart home products and accessories.


Over the past few years, CES has become the event for consumer electronics apart from smartphones. Smartphone companies like to focus on MWC for their big launches and recently, even the Barcelona event is being skipped by big companies in favor of standalone launch events. That said, CES 2019 still should hold enough innovation to deserve our attention. Expect a lot of ‘Smart’ + ‘AI’ products showcased throughout the event. It is worth adding that the number of Chinese tech companies attending the event this year has dropped to nearly 20%, all thanks to the US-China trade war tensions. Still, we’ll be sure to pick the best products of the lot and bring it to you in the next few days. So stay tuned!

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