Lenovo announces portable smart clock with speaker and Google Assistant

by Jed John 0

Lenovo has announced a new smart home product at CES 2019 and it is one product that will take on Amazon’s Echo Spot. The Lenovo Smart Clock as it is called is a bedside alarm clock that has a built-in speaker and is integrated with Google Assistant. The product is just portable enough to mount on the nightstand, unlike the Google Home Hub which would take up the limited space usually available on the stand. It is also much cheaper than the Home Hub, priced at $80.Lenovo Smart CLock

For specification, the Lenovo Smart Clock comes with a 4-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 400X800 pixels. The display can show stuff like the weather when it’s not acting as a clock. It can also be synchronized with the owners Google Calendar and thus provide some assistance when there is a need to shift your normal alarm wake-up time. The body of the clock comes wrapped in a soft grey fabric, which looks stylish and attractive and makes it fit right in with any Google Home devices. Lenovo’s logo is also crested at the back.lenovo smart clock

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Further, the smart clock comes with a small built-in speaker which can be used to play music as well as to use Google Assistant voice prompt feature. Thus, the gadget can be used for voice-powered automation, and for controlling your TV among others Google Assistant feature available on the Google Home and other powered gadgets. There is also a rear USB port for charging other devices but it doesn’t have a built-in camera like the Echo Spot which isn’t bad considering it is meant to be in the bedroom. The device also has two stylish +/- buttons on top for volume control. There is even a button at the back just by the USB port for switching on/off the microphone. The $80 Lenovo smart clock is expected to start shipping this spring.

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