Samsung foldable phone shown to select few at CES 2019, 5G prototype on public display

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Samsung took a foldable smartphone to last year’s CES but it was shown to a few people at a private event. This year, it did the same thing at CES 2019. Definitely not the same device as last year’s but seen only by a few yet again.

This has been Samsung’s move for a couple of years now, since 2014 according to some. Take a prototype to the event and show it off to a select few which might include carrier executives and other business partners.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

According to the source, one of those who saw the device said Samsung is working on software optimizations and polishing the hardware. “When unfolded, Samsung’s foldable phone does not show any crease indicating it had been bent,” said the executive who saw the device. However, he did say that Samsung is working on leaving the sides slightly lifted when folded.

The phone was first shown to a wider audience back in November at Samsung’s Developer Conference (SDC) though it was put in a case that covered its design. The phone has two displays – a 4.6-inch screen that is outside and can be used when it is folded and a 7.3-inch screen on the inside when it is laid out flat.

Samsung is expected to officially announce the foldable phone in H1 2019 and from all indications, it won’t be cheap.

While the foldable smartphone was only shown to a few, Samsung’s 5G prototype smartphone was on public display and it appears not a lot of people noticed it or maybe they were just uninterested since it didn’t get a lot of coverage.

The phone is shown with a case on and docked in a Samsung DeX in a show-glass. The words “5G Prototype Smartphone” can be seen written boldly at the bottom. This is probably one of Samsung’s existing flagships with a 5G modem, probably the Galaxy S9+.

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Samsung plans to release its first commercially available 5G phone this year and based on rumors, it will be a Galaxy S10 variant powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor.

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