Sprint sues AT&T over false 5G claims, terms it misleading advertising practices

by Simran Singh 0

The new era technologies are taking over the old ones with better features and safety nets. The latest 5G technology is still evolving, and every major manufacturer and service provider is looking to get their hands on first. It has even lead to some false claims in the market, which are misleading the end consumers. Similarly, two United States carriers are fighting over a similar instance. A major telecom carrier in the US has sued another telecom carrier for calling their advanced 4G LTE network as “5G Evolution”.

In detail, Sprint took the above instance seriously and went ahead to file a lawsuit against AT&T. It has filed a lawsuit to ban the use of “5GE” term on the customers’ devices. Even, they are also seeking an injunction to prevent the use of “5GE” tags while advertising and marketing.

Sprint said that AT&T is labeling an advanced 5G LTE (Long Term Evolution) as 5G and deceiving customers. In a lawsuit of 23 pages filed at federal court in New York, Sprint claims that “AT&T has employed numerous deceptive tactics to mislead consumers into believing that it currently offers a coveted and highly anticipated fifth-generation wireless network, known as 5G. What AT&T touts as 5G, however, is nothing more than an enhanced fourth-generation Long Term Evolution wireless service, known as 4G LTE Advanced, which is offered by all other major wireless carriers.”

Sprint consolidated it stand by saying that they have invested a lot of capital in building 5G network in nine cities this year. Even though AT&T is also working on to develop the 5G network across States but the marketing and advertisement practices they have adopted are wrong. They are wrongly using the 5GE term to label the advanced 4G LTE network leading an unfair advantage over other carriers. They emphasized that 5G networks will be 10-40 times faster than the current 4G LTE advanced networks. AT&T is deceiving the customers to make them believe the old networks as 5G.

In response, AT&T said that they are not deceiving anyone and would fight the lawsuit. They are terming 5GE network as “an evolutionary step to standards-based 5G.” AT&T further said “We understand why our competitors don’t like what we are doing, but our customers love it,” 

It made us go back into the initial launch days of 4G when similar issues were seen between AT&T and T-Mobile. Although, we believe the court will bring justice to what is right.

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