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New Xiaomi Mi 5 Render Shows Off Thin Bezels & An Oval Physical Home Button

by Joe 7

It looks like for the next one month we are going to be flooded with news about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship. After a couple of Xiaomi Mi 5 render that cropped up online in the last one week, today a new image claiming to be of the Mi 5 was spotted on the Chinese social networking website, Weibo. This is not as clear as the previous ones, nor does it come from a reliable source, so better take it with a pinch of salt. Still, the overall design is in line with what we have heard about the Mi 5 in the past few months. So, we decided to check it out.

Xiaomi Mi 5 render 02

The new Xiaomi Mi 5 render comes with an all metal design and super thin bezels, in line with previous reports. You can see dual speaker grills at the bottom beside the USB port which is probably Type-C, considering the shape as seen in the image. Further, the physical home button makes a comeback in the image, which is now more oval shaped and will probably feature fingerprint recognition. Finally, we can see that the phone runs on MIUI OS.

Just like we said earlier, we can’t be sure of the image, at least at the moment. It could be a fan-made render, and looks a bit different than the ones that we have seen so far.

Specs wise, we are expecting a 5.2-inch 2K display with Snapdragon 820, 3GB + 32GB and 4GB + 64GB RAM options, 21MP rear camera, 8MP front shooter and a large battery. However, these are just speculations and hence, cannot be confirmed for now.

As for the new render, do you like it better than the other Xiaomi Mi 5 renders we have seen so far?




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  • Rigge

    I really hope it’s affordable, looks great so far.


      ready to shell out upto 400$ if camera is as good as the expectation,maybe even beating the iphone

  • Jiraya Ziane

    i hope it’s 5.5 or bigger

  • jimberkas

    love the size and the specs are awesome. hope that physical button is for real.
    now I just need them to release a US version and I’m ready to buy

  • mister unknown

    I would buy it if only it’s 5.2 and with the specks menrioned. 5.5 would make it crap

  • Muhammad Yasir

    6″ should do the trick !

    EDIT : absolute WINNER if its UNDER $300 or maybe LESS then $350 AFTER tax and shipping included !

  • Shashank

    its a fan made