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OnePlus 3 Will Reportedly Have 1 Million In Stock, 4 Versions & Pricing Leaked

by Joe 6

Its been a rather long wait for the new OnePlus 3 to be announced in the market. The company has finally confirmed that it will release the handset on June 14, which is still a couple of weeks away. But in case you are wondering why OnePlus decided to delay the release to mid-June, here’s one possible explanation. According to the industry insider, Mocha RQ, OnePlus reportedly is stocking nearly 1 million units of the OnePlus 3 flagship for sale. The company has been stocking up the new flagship recently, which also makes it possible for it to make the phone available for sale, the very next day.

oneplus 1 million stock info

Apart from this information, the pricing details of the OnePlus 3 were also leaked today. Unlike previous rumors which said that the phone would start at 1999 Yuan ($308), this new rumor states that there will be four different versions of the new handset. Because of the increased cost of mass producing the all-metal OnePlus 3, as compared to the plastic and glass Mi5, the OnePlus 3’s base variant will start at a similar price as Xiaomi Mi5’s high-end version, i.e. 2299 Yuan. The second variant will compete with the Le Max 2 model, the third will compete with the ZUK Z2 Pro top-end model and finally, the fourth variant will compete with the Huawei Honor V8. If this four variant strategy is indeed true, then we can expect the prices to be at 2299 Yuan ($349), 2499 Yuan ($379), 2699 Yuan ($410) and 2799 Yuan ($425).

These variants could differ in terms of memory, back material, and other features. This is the first time we are hearing about a four variant strategy by OnePlus, so we don’t have much information about these models. But if this is true, then expect a lot more details in the next few days.



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  • Viktorious Viktor

    Owch, it was almost sweet at $310, but at $350 I’ll pick up the Le Max 2! It is missing NFC but I’ll deal with it.
    The only thing that COULD bring me back is the “Dash” charge that was mentioned from OPPO bringing 0-100% in 15mins charging (2500mah for reference)

    Thanks for the report

  • Muthu Raman

    If the OnePlus 3’s base variant is going to be priced at $350 then I am sure it would be sold around 27k in India considering all different types of taxes. In a price sensitive market like India, we need to see how this going to work for the most waited flagship compared to the Mi5 base model being sold at 25k already

  • balcobomber25

    Difference between OnePlus pricing and Xiaomi pricing is OP is a lot easier to buy directly from them and actually pay retail price.

    • NextHype

      and don’t forget the free AntVR “Loop” 3D VR headset 😀
      that’s another 30 bucks in the balance ^^

    • Wolvie

      Under assumption OP always got ready stock to sell to end users LOL. And i really doubt so based on past experiences.

      Don’t underestimate those china shops (either online or physical shops). they always got a way to get the bunch of stocks so they can jack off and make very sweet profit from it. At least they can earn profit $50-$100 per unit , that is sweet easy money for them.

      • balcobomber25

        Yea I never really understood how resellers always seem to have stock of phones that are sold out. Especially OnePlus.