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Le Pro 3 Official: Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM & More! (UPDATE: Pricing Added)

by Joe 41

LeEco has been making the headlines for the past few weeks, all thanks to its new flagship, the Le Pro 3. Today, the company has officially taken the wraps off the device and the phone is just as powerful as we thought it would be. The phone comes with the brand new Snapdragon 821 chipset, making it the first Chinese flagship to feature this chip along with 6GB RAM and other powerful configuration.



The Le Pro 3 is made out of premium metal which accounts for 98% of the body and features brushed metal finish. The phone measures just 7.5mm in thickness! It’s really impressive that the company managed to limit the thickness to this level, as it features a large 4070mAh battery inside! When compared to competitors like Redmi Note 3 (8.2mm) and Mate 8 (7.9mm) who feature such large batteries, this is clearly a great achievement for the company.

Le Pro 3

There is the ‘Le’ logo on the front (you can see it in the image down below) with a breathing light, which is patented by the company. Further, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack on the phone, like the earlier released Le Max 2 and Le 2 models. So, you have the USB Type-C based CDLA standard.


The Le Pro 3 comes in four color options, Silver, Gray, Rose Gold and Gold.



As mentioned above, the Le Pro 3 features the super fast Snapdragon 821 chipset, which was announced recently by Qualcomm. This will be a slightly faster version of the already powerful Snapdragon 820 chipset and the ASUS ZenFone Deluxe Special Edition is the only other phone in the market to feature this chipset. The chip will be clocked at up to 2.35GHz and the Adreno 530 GPU inside will clock at 653MHz.

Le Pro 3

There will be four memory variants (UFS 2.0) of the Le Pro 3 and unfortunately, there is no 8GB RAM model as previous rumors stated. So, the four variants are as follows: 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM, 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM and 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM.


As for the display, the phone features a 5.5-inch 1080p IPS LCD panel. You also get 2.5D arc glass on top of the display. The camera at the back comes with a 16MP sensor featuring 0.1s PDAF, Increased Sharpness, Intelligent Beauty Mode, Gender Recognition etc while up front, there is an 8MP shooter. So, this is basically standard flagship smartphone specs of 2016.

Le Pro 3

The battery on the device is large, making sure that the Le Pro 3 will easily last for more than a day. The phone comes with a 4070mAh battery with 24W QC 2.0 fast charging technology. The company revealed in the conference that the phone can charge up to 2000mAh in just 30 mins, which means almost 50% charge in just half an hour. Further, it said that the battery is extremely durable — 500 charges still retains 90% of capacity.


Like other LeEco models, you have a fingerprint sensor at the back.


As for connectivity, the Le Pro 3 comes with dual SIM dual standby, dual antenna Wi-Fi MIMO with maximum transfer speeds of up to 866 Mbps. 3x CA helps it achieve up to 600MBbps speed on 4G LTE networks. There are dual speakers present on the device with a maximum 93dB volume.

Finally, for software, the phone comes with EUI 5.8 based on Android Marshmallow.

The below video is in Chinese, but you can get a first look at the device.


The Le Pro 3 will start at just 1799 Yuan ($270) for the 4GB RAM + 32GB model. The 6GB RAM + 64GB model retails at 1999 Yuan ($300) which is amazing. There are two other variants as well, and they are costlier because they come loaded with special content. The latter are called the ‘Zhang Yimou’ special editions, named after the popular Chinese film director and come with special content from the upcoming movie, Great Wall featuring Matt Damon.  These special edition models are priced as follows: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM will retail at $2499 Yuan ($375) while the 6GB RAM + 128GB model will retail at 2999 Yuan ($450).

These are amazing prices for the specs that you get! The Le Pro 3 will go on sale on September 28 at 10AM, and reservations start today at 5PM.

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  • Robert Johnson

    Definitely curious about final pricing especially for the 6GB models

  • Q&A

    LTE with Band 20?
    Camera has no OIS?
    IR Blaster?

    • Joe

      Official spec sheet is not yet out, we will update with more details once they are released.

      • Step666

        Did a spec sheet ever surface?

        GSMArena have it listed as not supporting LTE band 20.
        It’s not clear if that’s based on information from LeEco or if they’ve been presumptuous.


    What about the horrible black borders? Has LeEco get rid of them?

    • Joe

      Borders looked thin in the conference, but we are waiting for some hands on images to confirm that.

    • Rick

      You can see LeBlackBezel on the picture with the sim tray outside (top of the screen bezel). So, it’s still there…

    • lildwell

      Boarders? Fuck that. This doesn’t have a freaking headphone jack. No dice!!!

  • Black borders, but no black fronts to hide ’em (white/gold/whatever fronts are a crime!).

    This makes Elephone, UMI and Ulefone seem to have exciting phones.
    Come on you guys… you can do better than that with a 6GB RAM phone with ‘Pro’ in the name…

    • goodwill

      You must be joking right? to compare those brands to LeEco. Their quality, hardware and software don’t even come close.

      • Exactly the point. If those crap brands CAN do it (create exciting ‘looking’ phones that have no black borders, or atleast do have black fronts covering them up (doesn’t mean I think these brand have solid phones))… why doesn’t LeEco.

        They should take a hint from the ZTE Nubia Z11. That’s how it’s done.

        • goodwill

          Yeah, they should. i’m not a fan of the black border too. I guess they are pretty stubborn with their own design language. but with a price like that, no complains from me. haha

  • bob

    It has been just five months since LeEco introduced the Le 2 and Le 2 Max. I bought my Le 2 Max in June, so why should I upgrade already?

    Regarding the black borders, has anyone seen the Huawei Nova Plus? 😉

  • Step666

    I don’t care about the extra RAM but the larger 5000mAh battery is what excited me about the rumours.

    Any word on whether there’s a higher-spec version coming too?
    Or, like the rest of the phones announced H2 2016, is it destined to be a let down in comparison to the rumours?

    • The Calm Critic

      Same here. Don’t care about the RAM count but the batt size. The pics from the article though, it looks like we’d have to settle with 4070mAh. Still good imo with FHD screen and exceeds the current 3000mAh++ average.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      a dual cam phone (NOT the cool1 dual) passed thru TENNA a few weeks ago…

      im SURE there’s a ‘Max’ variant in the pipeline … maybe coming next month

      • Step666

        Yeah, I saw the photos.
        To be honest, I’d probably sacrifice the better battery to avoid a phone with such a hideous camera arrangement ?

        • Muhammad Yasir

          plot twist : that dual cam is epic af and you have an even harder decision at your hands

          • Step666

            Plot twist – the Mi Mix happened and I never looked at any of the LeEco handsets again 😂

          • Muhammad Yasir

            lel … you came to that realization 3 months later !

  • Benjamin SEVERAC

    where can I pre-order please ?

  • Vishal Giri

    now that’s the smartphone which worth every penny!!

  • lildwell

    No headphone jack? This phone isn’t even an option.

    • Ivo001

      Actually Bluetooth earphones are a pretty decent option nowadays. I use the Meizu EP-51 with my Mi 5

      • lildwell

        Bluetooth can be unstable at times. Also, my car doesn’t have a Bluetooth deck so that means no music for my car. Also, I can’t be a good consumer and support a product that reduces functionality.

  • Jh1

    That’s a very nice price for the specs. If they got rid of the massive bezels and the camera is decent, this will be a hard phone to compete with

  • Ionut Johnny

    Looks great, the gold variant is awesome, shame about those black bezels but I think you can live up with them for 300 $, 6 gb + 64 rom. Amazing price.

  • Ivo001

    No OIS on the camera? 🙁

    • Muhammad Yasir

      yeah .. this is a DOWNSIDE but i think its there , just not mentioned ?

  • The least you can pay for a Snapdragon 821.
    Asus Z3D would cost about $750.
    Mi Note 2/Mi 5s will probably start off in the $400 region.
    Definitely willing to pay $300 for this device.
    Just hoping the audio quality will be great on Bluetooth headphones, I do NOT plan on buying the USB Type-C headphones just to carry around with the phone.

    But definitely gotta hand it to LeEco for this beast of a device at such a low price.

    • goodwill

      The headphone adapter comes with the phone tho. You don’t have to buy a USB type C headphones. I just plug my adapter to my headphone and never unplug. It became one now. haha.

  • markiz

    Too bad no OLED, but considering the price, that’s OK.
    Still, with their heavy reliance on Content, I would think they would hurry with OLED.

    OP3 still seems a better device though, only with smaller battery. And basically the only option, for us Europeans.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    i have to admit … the price on that lower end variant

    IS SIMPLY KILLER and for those MONSTER specs !

    well done LeEco , may the other retarded and DUMB companies learn from this example.

    • AtereJr

      Most of those ‘retarted and DUMB companies’ are too greedy to want to pull a stunt like the one LeEco did, with Apple (never really liked a single product made by them) , Huawei (same, more because of their obnoxious adherence to software/on-screen buttons only), and Samsung (SAMOLED is one thing i’ll always love) being the most unlikely.

  • Mark Johnston

    Hoping for the full spec sheet this week. Curious to see the LTE Bands

  • Monster Energy

    To everyone who is interested, Elephone P9000 have 4GB ram, 32GB memory, 13MP+8MP, NFC, fast charging 3.0, wireless charging, 5.5″ FHD, octa core 2.0GHz and much mlre excited stuff

  • AtereJr

    Oooh oh yes, this is the route we’re expecting phone manufacturers to take.
    These guys (LeEco) really care about their customers wallet. If only they can learn new design works (no difference btw this and the Le2 family) and start taking their smartphone’s screens towards the bezeless and SAMOLED area with endless support for each release while keeping their impressive price/specs strategem, they’ll easily topple Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and even Huawei for the title of “most successful chinese smartphone manufacturer”.

  • Sxean

    What’s the point of high specs if it is not Daydream ready? Snapdragon 820 is capable for VR but this phone has only 1080p screen. What a shame. 🙁 People will buy it and use it just for Facebook and selfies :/

  • Problematist

    No headphone jack? That really doesn’t make any shenzen!