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Le Pro 3 Pricing Announced: Starts at 1799 Yuan ($270) with SD821

by Joe 16

LeEco officially announced the Le Pro 3 flagship an hour back, and now, the company has given out the official pricing of all the models!

le pro 3 price

The Le Pro 3 with Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM and 64GB storage will retail at just 1999 Yuan ($300)!

There’s a cheaper model as well, the 4GB RAM + 32GB variant retails for just 1799 Yuan ($270)!

le pro 3 special edition price

And if you want something that’s a bit more powerful, you have the special editions: 4GB + 64GB and 6GB + 128GB models.

The SD821 + 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM model retails for 2499 Yuan ($375), while the SD821 +  6GB RAM + 128GB model retails for 2999 Yuan ($450). Now, if you are wondering why these two models are costlier than its other counterparts, then it is because they are special editions with special video content. LeEco just revealed more details about these editions, called “Zhang Yimou” Edition, named after the popular Chinese Movie director. These two special editions will be themed after the upcoming movie, “Great Wall” featuring Matt Damon. Special content include exclusive behind the scene videos of the movies as well as movie themes and wallpapers along with a leather flip case and retail box based on the movie.

The Le Pro 3 will be up for reservations starting today at 5PM in China and the phone will go on sale on September 28 at 10:00 AM.

Like always, LeEco has surprised us all with the pricing of the Le Pro 3 flagship. Snapdragon 821 at just 1799 Yuan is just amazing. Even OnePlus 3 with 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM retails at 2499 Yuan, and on the other hand, the Le Pro 3 with the same memory combination retails for just 1999 Yuan ($300).

If you want to read all about the specs of the device, check out our launch article.

So, what do you think about LeEco’s pricing of the Le Pro 3 flagship?

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  • Ghost

    What exactly are those LeEco’s video services?

    • Patru Patru

      LeEco is the Netflix of China

      • Ghost

        Ah, so if im not there I dont need it anyway 🙂
        Even greater info, now only to wait for Mi5s premiere and decide which one to get 😀

        • goodwill

          It’s actually through the internet, so, you’ll get it anyway wherever you. But it’s in Chinese. If you get it an Indian unit, it’ll have Indian contents instead.

  • goodwill

    $270, probably the cheapest phone with SD821 now.

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    Well these guys at LeEco seems to know how to get the things right unlike some other companies…Cool to see they finally decided to add a bigger battery! Very nice phone and it’s in my list.

  • Guaire

    I suspect that they are using leftovers of display and camera units of Le 2 so they can be able to boost RAM and storage at 2000 yuan level.

    • Riccardo Benzoni

      at this price, they could even use refurbished parts and no one would complain, stunning price for very high end hardware.

  • Ivo001


  • rigge

    Effin awesome!! LeEco sure knows how to break into the market! So far their products are more than good. IMO the best company overall right now!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    i would buy the $270 version in a HEARTBEAT if i had the money and the logistics !

    im really proud that phonemakers like LeEco still exist in the market.

    i really adore their pricing policies !

    • Assefa Hanson

      Logistics? Is leeco now banned in your country too?

      • Muhammad Yasir

        nah … but customs will detain the phone and ask me for bribe/taxes

        only Xiaomi is banned and i believe i supplied you with the article citing all the reasons

  • Tommi

    Phone with 6GB + 64GB + SD821 cheaper than OP3 with 6GB + 64GB + SD820 🙂

    OP4 of course comes with SD830, naturally.

    • Assefa Hanson

      And the le pro 4 comes with SD 831 naturally for cheaper

  • Wolvie

    Too bad that pricing is for local china only.

    I hope those chine online reseller don’t jack off the price so high until it is not worth to buy because it is become too expensive.