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Kuphone I5… Again another iPhone 5 knock-off!

It has a standard dual-core MT6577 processor(like most of the other clones) 512mb of ram with a front camera of…
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Zophone I5 released before Goophone I5

So you may have heard of the “Zophone I5″ or even the “Goophone I5″. Well recently…
Goophone I5
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Goophone I5 Will Come At End Of November

In my opinion, the Goophone I5 will be the best iPhone 5 clone so far when I have seen the phone, it is almost...
Goophone I5 box
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Goophone I5 Packing Box Pictures Leaked

Goophone I5 is released a month ago, but buyers have waited too long for this phone. Today, the phone’s packing box is leaked at official...

Meox first iPhone 5 clone—Gameplay

Here are two video of the Meox, that was released a couple of weeks before the Goophone i5 as well as the real iPhone...
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Meox Benchmark Test

Here are some benchmark of the Meox the first iPhone 5 clone to have been released before the iPhone 5 and
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Update: Goophone I5 Lite release soon…

So, you might of heard of the Goophone I5 that made a patent on their design that resembles  the newly iPhone. 
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OPPO Find 5 vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III

In my opinion, OPPO Find 5 is the most worth expecting phone in this year, this is the comparison between the top smartphone worldwide....
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Foxconn Admits iPhone 5 is the Most Difficult Assembled Devices

Foxconn has in recent years become Apple partner to assemble the iPhone and iPad. However, of the many Apple products, the iPhone 5 is...
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Apple lightning cable has four embedded chipset

The Chipworks company carefully studied to the Apple’s new Lightning cable, and they found four embedded chipset inside those peripheral.