HTC Desire X aka HTC Proto ready for global market

by Rosgani 0

HTC is preparing the new Desire-line family, it’s called the HTC Desire X, this phone is also known as HTC Proto which appear as a rumor, and now this phone is ready for global market for Q4 this year.

HTC Desire X offers good camera feature since HTC packs this smartphone with HTC ImageCHip and has a VideoPic featurem thats mean you can take a picture while shooting a video at the same time, this smartphone sports with 5 megapixel camera, f/2.0 lense, wide-angle 28mm, BSI sensors, HDR mode and customizable flash light.

Not only that, the camera is very handy for user who want to take a picture without blur, because this smartphone has 1 second shutter speed and has Always Focus feature.

Fortunately, this phone also powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1GHz, 4-inch screen size and Beats Audio, yess we all know HTC will stop using Beats Audio for near future so thats why the Desire X is so special.

The user offers with Dropbox cloud services and allow to put 25GB of files for free in 2 years through buil-in Dropbox apps from this phone. Until we covered this news, there is no information about the price, but HTC is preparing this phone available in global market in Q4 2012.