The Jiayu G2 vs G3 and the next of Jiayu G4?

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While we are know about Jiayu smartphone, the first smartphone come with Jiayu G1 awhich powered by MediaTek MTK6573 single-core chipset, this phones running Android 2.3. And recently, we have got a new Jiayu G2 and G3 which powered by powerfull specs.

Jiayu G2 is powered by MTK6575 single-core 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM 1Ghz CPU + 512 MB of RAM, there is 5 megapixel camera, packs with 4.0-inch IPS screen and running Android 4.0 operating system, the interesting point of this Jiayu G2 is a low price of $ 799 immediately aroused the attention of a lot of people and a lot of loyal fans obligations publicity. Jiayu G2 booming is inevitable, it also proves the accurate the good domain Yutong market vision.

The upgrade version of Jiayu G2 is Jiayu G3 this is the new smartphone with high specs and has good design, arising out of the dual-core version of the G2 and popular version just offshoot. Unprecedented response from the G3’s news release, the reason mainly G3 equipped with a dual-core MTK6577 processor, 4.5 inches IPS + Corning Gorilla generation touch screen and sports with 1280 x 720 screen size, especially this phone is powered with 2750 mAh battery, equipped with 2 megapixel front facing camera and 8 megapixel rear facing camera with HD technology, fully equipped sensor, the price of 899 yuan no doubt become the king of cost. But things there are two sides to the lack of capacity severely restricted the sales of the Jiayu G3, many friends have not ordered on the G3.

And now we heard the rumor of Jiayu G4, the appearance of the G4 configuration is more the focus of attention of many fans, the government has also opened an area of iscussion, but is confined to personal speculation, the official information has not been revealed officially. With the outbreak of the recent domestic quad-core phone, the Yutong started planning quad-core project, while the G4 is probably the best smartphone for Jiayu lines under a quad-core phone model, before official also out of a vote to elect your mind quad-core phone.

This vote is divided into six parts, respectively, for the screen, processor, memory, camera, body thickness of the battery as well as price, through the voting, nearly 10% of users choose 4.5-4.7 inch screen size, about 7.3% of users want G4 equipped with HD-level resolution screen, nearly 6.6% of the fans want MediaTek MTK6589 quad-core processor, As for the choice of the memory, the majority of people’s intentions, nearly 12% of people choose to 2GB of memory to run, 1300 The megapixel camera select the number of the proportion Similarly as regards body thickness with battery size, the more people want a good domain G4 has a large battery and a thin body. The prices of the public hope the G4 can have an affordable price.

Configuration from polling data, we can also see that the choice of the crowd should the best Jiayu Yutong official advocated higher stronger, more beautiful appearance, always the lowest price consistent. As for why so many people choose MTK6589 should also its impressive performance and low cost of unrelated, RAM and battery selection, users can also be seen more and more attention for the the phone RAM size and endurance.

At this point, we can list our minds and perfect Jiayu G4 configuration :

Jiayu G4 Specification (still in imagination)
Processor     MTK6589 Quad-Core
Memory     2G RAM + 8G ROM
Screen         2 generation touch screen 4.7-inch HD display screen Corning
Camera     After the first 300 13,000,000
Battery         3000 mA
System     Android 4.1
Function     Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, HDMI
Inductor     Full sensor support

Of course, this is just a small personal guess, the real configuration is certainly different. The number of 10 quad-core mobile phones have been released or will be released soon, the facts of the Jiayu Yutong will launch quad-core phone is already a certainty, as the main cost-effective smart phone will take us a kind of four-core configurations it?

Believe that recent can be informed of the answer. But while in pursuit of the ultimate cost-effective products, quality and after-sales is clearly more important. Let wait and see with the upcoming of Jiayu G4 smartphone on the market.

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