Ampe A10 tablet tear down, with Allwinner A31 quad-core processor

by Rosgani 2

AllWinner A31 and Rockchip RK3188 can be described as recently famous processor on the market today, the domestic tablet manufacturers have publicized these two chips, external said it would launch a tablet equipped with those chipset, this is good news for consumer.

Although AllWinner A31 and Rockchip RK3188 has ‘outstanding reputation’, but the chip, real machine even are not really anxious for manufacturers ah! The congregation can not wait? Xiaobian This Ampe A10 quad-core flagship engineering prototype equipped with a AllWinner A31 chipset, and here are teardown of those machine:

These are small as we bring the Ampe A10 quad-core Ultimate engineering disassemble profile, so that everyone preliminary understanding has also been equipped with a AllWinner A31 chipset.

It is learned that the Ampe A10 quad-core flagship version is currently in the final stages of debugging, presumably to meet with you very soon it is! In addition, Onda, according to official sources, Onda will launch their Oanda tablet device on 5th as # Onda quad-core tablet # conference, when equally equipped with AllWinner A31 quad-core chipset, let’s wait and see.