Comparison Feature between Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S III

by Rosgani 0


CES 2013 event is showing many smartphone products, since last year, Samsung Galaxy S III is becoming the powerfull smartphone on the market, after CES 2013 we fouond that a lots of smartphone ready to compete with Samsung Galaxy S III.

And we have trying to comparing Sony Xperia Z versus Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, as you can see on the picture below :

The Size:

For a while now, the smartphone manufacturer has ready to making larger screen for their products and the smartphone with bigger screen is more popular, Sony Xperia Z has a slender point while the width of both phones is same and Sony Xperia Z look thinner than Galaxy S III.

The Weight :


Xperia Z more focused in terms of weight, but in our hands Samsung Galaxy S III is not using those term. This is mainly due to two phones using different materials design on the back, While the Xperia Z back body cover is made from glass, Galaxy S III is made by high-quality plastic.
The Display:


Xperia Z has the display pixel density of 441ppi, and a growing number of mobile phone products as the trends of 2013 added to the 1080P. So in this part Xperia Z is better than S3.

Quad-core processor

Both phones offer great performance, but the Xperia Z may be better, since the Sony  Xperia Z has same with Galaxy Nexus 4 since using the same Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5GHz quad-core processor. There are two different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Qualcomm 1.5GHz quad-core processor in the United States may not stronger than Xperia Z, in terms of performance, but the overall performance to meet the needs of many people.


The Xperia Z’s RAM equals with the Galaxy S III US version and doubles the international version’s, Xperia Z sports with 2GB of RAM, two versions of the Galaxy S III, the American version has 2GB of RAM, while the international version uses 1GB of RAM.

Storage version

Samsung offers three storage options for the S3, while Sony is sticking with  only16GB of storage. Both devices offer a 16GB version, support SD card expansion. But obviously Galaxy S III has more options since has 32GB and 64GB two higher capacity version.

Wireless feature

Both phones offer fast LTE data speeds. Both phones support 4G LTE network support HSPA + variants connected at the same time.

Battery Capacity

Sony’s battery has slightly higher capacity, The Xperia Z uses a 2220mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S III uses a 2100mAh. Although  the Xperia Z have a higher battery capacity, but due to the higher ppi display currently unclear endurance performance.


The Xperia Z has 13MP camera with HDR videos. Year of 2013 basically all cell phone has officially entered into a 13 megapixels, camera Xperia Z also supports HDR.


The Xperia Z is ‘waterproof,’ while the Galaxy S III is growing old gracefully. In other areas Xperia Z also impressive waterproof, although we do not recommend soaking in water, but once the phone falling into the bathtub or water to maximize the protection of the normal operation of the phone.

The development of the mobile phone industry is very rapid, Galaxy S III is still a very powerful mobile phone, in May of this year, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S IV, while Xperia Z will also be officially on sale in the first quarter of this year, when we’ll reach the market to further compare these two phones.