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Oppo’s Find7 May Not Have CyanogenMod By Default

by Frank Tu 3


Oppo has a name of its own in the market of providing “different” Smartphone’s from its rival companies. These smart phones appeal to CyanogenMod users.

Oppo in the past have given Smartphone with CyanogenMod and was expected to do the same yet again. But the fans were disappointed as there are no talks of Find7 having CyanogenMod. Some images of the Smartphone with CyanogenMod are available on Chinese social network site Weibo though. This indicates that Find7 will be offered with popular ROM in near future. This however does not confirm that ROM will be given by Oppo on the device by default.

Oppo is still considering CyanogenMod for the Smartphone. The software and hardware specification of the Smartphone having to allow 50MP photos is known.

It has a 5.5-inch Quad HD 2560 x 1440 display, a Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core processor that hides under the hood. The actual camera of the Smartphone is 13MP and it uses Sony sensor that can take 10 photos in a row with a single 50 MP equivalent image.


oppo-find-7-cm-11_2 oppo-find-7-cm-11_4

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  • Dave Weinstein

    The lack of CM support seems like a backroom deal to divide the market between Oppo and OnePlus.

    • inez blafla

      It is rather counter productive in that case – the demographic for CM largely wants a SD card/ removable battery, and many are prepared to pay the significant extra for the Find 7 OPPO in order to to get it and the much better screen. A lot of that demographic will also insist on CM.

      Conversely, OPO without SD/removable battery, but with a very keen price, will appeal to many CM fans. But 1+’s design/spec/price bundle without CM would still draw in the crowds, certainly once they are established. Perhaps the reason therefore has more to do with CM being over stretched and preferring to first focus on what promises to be the bigger volume business, rather than fiddle with two different sets of specifications.

      The Find 7 also seem to have significantly better camera software, at least going by the number of features, not exactly CM’s strength, whilst OPPO is known for camera centric devices.

      It can of course also be strategic on OPPO’s part, maybe they really think their UI is good enough, at least for the non tech masses, and that it is important for the ‘big players’ to have their own ecosystem. It would be nice if they came to their senses in regard to the latter, and if CM developed top camera software skills; double whammy win wins, accessible mid range quality gear from 1+ and cutting edge flagship all in devices from OPPO – around the Find 7 One+3 marks perhaps 😀

      • Dave Weinstein

        The division across OS lines is the only thing that makes sense.

        It’s completely ridiculous that the management of Oppo thinks that ColorOS is better than Cyanogen OS. It boggles the mind that they think that people want it on non-Oppo devices.

        I’ve put the question out there several times now and Oppo is completely quiet about their current and future commitment to Cyanogen. I think it’s pretty likely at this point that they’ve abandoned support.

        It’s unfortunate that they seem to have cut a deal to “give” CM to OnePlus. They’ll actively work to keep CM off the FInd 7 in this case.