The Mi 3S GFX Benchmark Test results revealed

by Frank Tu 0

Xiaomi will hold a launch event in Beijjing for its new products tomorrow (July 22). In addition to the Mi 4, the benchmark website, Android China recently found information on the new Mi 3S on the famous benchmark website, GFX Bench.

25_1jPcJ3L4v.jpg_w600 25_1jPcJk2Uk.png_w600


Leaked info on the Mi 3S’ hardware:

-5-inch 1080p display screen

-Qualcomm’s 2457MhzHz Snapdragon 800 procesor

-3GB RAM and 16GB ROM

-8mp/13mp (supports 4K video recording) camera

-runs on Android 4.4.3 OS.

We can also see that the Xiaomi Mi 3S still does not have an NFC feature. A more detailed description on the phone’s specs should come out tomorrow.