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Meizu MX5 Leaked Extensively: Spotted In A Video + TENAA Pictures Revealed

by Joe 6

Just yesterday, we found two new models on TENAA which we thought could be of the Meizu MX5 flagship. However, at that time, the Chinese certification website had no images of the device.

mx5 tenaa 02

Now, 24 hours later, TENAA has uploaded the pictures of the MX5 flagship and the model looks quite close to the renders that we have seen recently. The pictures reveal a all metal design, with a thin body and super slim bezels. You can see that the camera is protruding from the back, which usually is not considered as a good design, but it could be because of the rumored powerful sensor with 4X Optical zoom.

Another important change is the home button. It looks like the company will continue the tradition of a physical oval shaped home button on its upcoming devices, as this model too has the button. However, being a flagship, it could feature a fingerprint sensor.

mx5 new 01

Just a few minutes after the MX5 flagship pictures were found on the TENAA  website, we also came across a video which showed off the device in full glory. In fact, the device in the video was exactly the same as the one that we see in the pictures above, further confirming that its the MX5 flagship.


You can once again see the all metal body and the super thin design in the video. As for the specs, the phone will reportedly come with an octa-core 2.3GHz chipset and 3GB RAM with 16GB of expandable storage. There will be a 5.5-inch full HD 1080p display up front. As for the camera, it is said that there will be a 20MP rear camera along with a 3MP front facing shooter. The rear camera could support up to 4X optical zoom. At the back, finally there will be a 3150mAh battery and it will run on the new Android 5.0 OS based on Flyme 4.5. Earlier today, the same models passed National 3C certification which showed that it will support fast charge too.

mx5 new 09 mx5 new 10


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  • Guaire

    Youku lagging pretty bad for me, but I find same video on Youtube.

    All the leaks should have like that. But I guess the leaker will be caught easily.

    The phone looks great. Strips on the back reminds me HTC One.

    Metal unibody will help to heat dissipation.

    Having MicroSD slot is good, though on that level 16GB internal storage is still dissappointing.

    I was thinking 2.3GHz octacore was a typo and it will be turn out 2.2GHz MT6795, but video claims it has a 2.3GHz MT6793!

    It’s seems a bit silly if that’s just a slightly overclocked MT6795 variant.

    • mafioso

      If it does ship with a different mediatek soc. Hopefully there will be an upgraded GPU, then it would be an even better phone.

      • Guaire

        Assuming to it’s another variant of MT6795, it’s GPU will be more powerful comparing to MX4.

        MT6795 supposed to share slightly overclocked same GPU with MT6595, but benchmarks shows it’s significantly faster.

        Though benchmarks show it as PowerVR G6200, I wonder actually it’s PowerVR GX6250 which implemented their tablet chip MT8173.

        GX6250 supposed to %50 faster than G6200 and it fits.

        • mafioso

          I was unaware of the fact that the GPU in the MT6795 was significantly faster than the MT6595. I always thought the difference was minimal since the GPU was slightly over clocked.

          Thanks for sharing the information.

          • Guaire

            I checked out it again on Gfxbench database.

            HTC One M9 Plus is slightly faster than MX4 like it should have, but LeTV x600 is significantly faster.

  • angajs

    looks like samsung hybrid of Galaxy S3 and S4