UMI Iron’s Eye Recognition Tech Explained: Everything You Need To Know!

by Joel 0

Remember a couple of weeks back we reported that UMI was taking things to a whole new level with Eye Recognition tech on its UMI Iron flagship smartphone. At that time, everyone including us had a lot of questions about this relatively new tech. But today, we have got some clarity about how the Eye scanner works. So, read on to know how exactly the UMI Iron feature works in real life.

UMI IRON_Hypertech 1

UMI Iron’s Eye Recognition technology is actually made by a US company called as Eye Verify. This tech relies on the vein patterns inside the user’s eye to unlock the device. Given that everyone’s vein patterns are unique, it makes it extremely hard for a hacker to crack the security. In fact, eye recognition tech is way more secure than the current fingerprint recognition tech employed by companies like Apple and Samsung. This could be one of the reasons why UMI decided to try out its luck with Eye Verify.

The company has told us that the data i.e. the pattern stored inside the phone will be encrypted. This means even if a hacker somehow gets the pattern file on the phone, he can’t just use it to unlock the device.

Also, the EyePrint ID software utilizes the existing front camera on the phone. So, you don’t have to install any additional hardware for the eye recognition to work. The front camera is all that’s required by the software to scan your eye. 


Now coming to one of the most important question asked by users: Will It Work At Night?

Well, if it didn’t, then it doesn’t make any sense to use such a tech on the phone. So, naturally, the tech works even when there’s no external light. According to the company, when the lighting conditions are so bad that the front camera cannot recognize your prints, the ambient light sensor (the same sensor that adjusts your screen brightness level) will increase the brightness of your display till your eyes can be seen by the camera. 

Also, if you wear contact lenses, even colored ones, UMI has assured that it won’t affect your eye scanning process. You would be able to unlock your phone without any hassle. Also, UMI’s eye recognition tech only works with living tissues, so the company has assured that no one will harm you to access your phone (in the worse case scenario).

Overall, UMI seems to have incorporated a valuable tech on the upcoming UMI Iron flagship. We hope that in practical usage, the eye scanner works as smoothly as they claim. We have already got our hands on the engineering sample of the UMI Iron a few weeks back (without the Eye Scanner Tech), and we hope to review the final product pretty soon.

Meanwhile, you can check out a few images which describes how to setup the Eye Scanner on the Iron. It reportedly takes a few minutes to fully scan your eyes, but then works pretty smoothly.

So what do you think about UMI’s Eye Scanner feature?