Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review

by Linus 8

We wanted to say thank you for Comebuy.com for sending Zopo Speed 7 Plus for a review!

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: VIDEO

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: SPECS

5.5″ 1080P (Full-HD)
MTK6753 64bit Octa-Core, 1.5GHz
5MP Front/13MP
3.000 mAh (removable)
14.6 x 7.1 x 0.85 cm / 5.74 x 2.79 x 0.33 inches / 170g
Android 5.1
16GB (expandable via microSD card slot up to 64GB)

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: UNBOXING

IMG_2669 IMG_2672
What you are getting in the box include the power plug, USB cable, a pair of headphones and some documentation.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: DESIGN

The Zopo Speed 7 Plus is not a small phone as it comes with a 5.5” display. A good thing is that the device is lightweight and sits comfortably in the hand but one handed operation is not that easy as on other devices with this size of the screen.
On the front you can find a 5MP shooter, earpiece, sensor light and a non-customisable LED light.
On the bottom side there are on-screen navigation buttons, which are, however, not customisable. This is what I don’t like as the back button is on the left side and it is hard to reach it when operating the device in one hand.
The back plate is made of plastic and there you can find a 13MP shooter, single LED flash on the top and the speaker grill on the bottom.
The sides of the phone are also made of plastic but they don’t feel cheap.
On the right there is a power button and the volume rocker and both of them have a great tactile feedback.
IMG_2687 IMG_2686
The micro USB charging port is on the bottom and the headset jack is on the top side.
The back cover is very easy to remove and under the hood you can find a removable 3000mAh battery along with a microSD card slot and two micro SIM card slots. The first slot has the 4G LTE support.
Overall, the built quality of the Zopo Speed 7 Plus is solid and it doesn’t feel cheap. However, it is made entirely of plastic and a metal frame could have made this phone look and feel premium.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: DISPLAY

The 5.5” display is sharp, vivid and has a decent sunlight visibility for a budget phone. Well, it is not the highest quality panel I’ve seen but it is not bad either.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: USER INTERFACE

The Zopo Speed 7 Plus runs on Android 5.1 with a light Zopo skin on top of it, which on one hand brings some nicely designed icons and some additional functionality but on the other hand you are getting a few bloatware apps out of the box.
Zopo added some motion and gesture controls and most of them work good but I simply cannot recommend using the gesture controls since the phone cannot recognise accidental touches. What I mean is that the device kept unlocking in my pocket and it was really annoying as I accidentally called several people and even sent some text messages.
Other than that, the UI is very fast and smooth, I didn’t get any hiccups even with lots of apps running in the background and I’m happy with it overall.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: BENCHMARKS

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: HARDWARE and PERFORMANCE

The Zopo Speed 7 Plus is quite a powerful device as it has an octa-core MTK6753 chip with the clock speeds of up to 1.5GHz and it is coupled with 3GB of RAM, and 16 of expandable storage.
Graphically intensive games like Asphalt 8 work similarly like on other phones with the same specs. The performance is good but not great as there  are some skipped frames and occasional stutter
A good thing is that the phone does not produce too much heat that it becomes uncomfortable to hold it in the hand.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: MULTIMEDIA

The multimedia experience is good overall. The video playback is nice and smooth and the sound quality via earphones is decent.
However, the loudspeaker could be louder and the sound quality does not impress as it lacks depth and the sound is a bit muffled. Anyway, this is common to the majority of phones in this price range.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: CAMERA

The phone has a stock Mediatek camera app with a few settings a shooting modes. However, there is one annoying bug that irritates me. Each time you want to enter the camera app, it shows the instructions how to use as the phone thinks you are opening the app for the first time.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: IMAGE QUALITY

The daylight images produced by the Zopo Speed 7 Plus are actually pretty good. They have a good amount of details, colour reproduction is good but the dynamic range can be a hit or miss.
The pictures taken indoors look good when there is plenty of lighting but could be better in lower-light situations as there is less detail, a lot of noise and the shutter speed slows down.
The night pictures do not impress but some of the images look pretty good for a budget device.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: VIDEO QUALITY

The 1080p video quality is far from the best but it looks okay for a budget phone. The level of details could be better but I liked the colour reproduction, auto-exposure and the fact that the footage does not look very shaky. See the video review for a video sample.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: CONNECTIVITY

I don’t have any complaints about connectivity options as the call quality along with the signal reception are good, Bluetooth and wifi are also working fine. GPS is fast to get a position lock but it could be a tad more accurate and it is not on par with the phones, powered by Snapdragon chips.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: BATTERY LIFE

The 3000mAh battery performs great. I could get from 3 to almost 5 hours of screen-on time depending on what I did with the phone. If you are gaming or taking lots of pictures every day, you may get a 3.5 hours of screen-on time.

Zopo Speed 7 Plus Review: CONCLUSIONS

So there you have, the Zopo Speed 7 Plus. The phone has a solid built quality but it lacks premium materials like metal in its design. The IPS display is bright, vivid and has decent colour reproduction.
As far as the software experience goes, it is snappy and performs well but the out-of-box bloatware is something that may be annoying. A good thing is that you can easily uninstall everything.
The performance is okay but it could be better as the occasional stutter does not ensure the best gaming experience.
Also, with the Zopo Speed 7 Plus you are getting a decent camera, good battery life and the 4G LTE support.
However, I believe that this phone is a bit overpriced as there are some other similar offerings, which have the same specs or even some extra features like a finger print scanner and a metal frame in its design, which cost $30 or even $50 less.
Overall, despite a few software bugs and some other disadvantages, the Zopo Speed 7 Plus is a decent phone. Is it worth the extra cash, it is up to you to decide.

We wanted to say thank you for Comebuy.com for sending Zopo Speed 7 Plus for a review!