Next Generation LeTV Max 2 Specs Leaks Out: 6GB RAM + 23MP Camera

by Joel 2

LeTV has really surprised us all with its three new LeTV One series smartphones. The phones were well built, came with good specs and were priced aggressively, which is why it sold so well in the Chinese market. But just nearly six months after the first release of the LeTV phones, the next generation model, the LeTV Max 2 has leaked out. The Max is the top-end model in the Le 1 series, so we can expect some pretty crazy specs on board.

letv max 2

In fact, according to the latest leak, the specs are indeed crazy high-end. The LeTV Max 2 will reportedly come with Snapdragon 820 on board. But that isn’t the highlight, rather, the 6GB RAM (yes, we said 6GB) is probably its USP. The phone will most likely use the latest Samsung 1.5Gb x 4 RAM modules (total 6GB RAM) in the new device.  For display, you can expect a 5.7-inch screen with 2K Quad HD resolution.

Finally, the top-end LeTV Max 2 is said to come with Sony’s new IMX300 sensor with 23MP. Other camera specs include f/2.0 aperture, fast focus (0.1 seconds) and 4K video support at 24fps. Also, the Max 2 is expected to feature double sided glass design in a slim body. As for the launch date, the leak says that you can expect it before the end of this year.

letv smartphone renders 2

So, it looks like LeTV Max 2 will be a super high-end device. But like always, we will advise you to take this news with a pinch of salt. Lets see if we come across some concrete information in the coming days.