Aukey 3 USB Ports USB AC Wall Charger Review – A Neat Cheap Gadget

by Linus 0

Today we are looking at a simple yet very useful gadget – Aukey 3 USB ports USB AC wall fast charger.

Thanks to Getone for sending Aukey 3 USB Ports USB AC Wall Charger for a review!


Aukey 3 USB Ports USB AC Wall Charger Review: VIDEO

Aukey 3 USB Ports USB AC Wall Charger Review: UNBOXING

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The $8 device comes in a little box and what you are getting is the charger itself and some documentation. I will leave a link in the description below for you.

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All right, so basically what the Aukey charger is that it has 3 USB ports and you can use all the ports at the same time. Also, the charger has a combined output of 6A, which means that your device is going to charge pretty fast.
The Aukey charger is made of quality plastic and feels very sturdy overall. It’s definitely not one of those cheap power plugs that are going to break in a few weeks.
A few key features include the Alpower technology, whcih basically detects the maximum possible charging speed of the device you want to charge.

Aukey 3 USB Ports USB AC Wall Charger Review: CONCLUSIONS


I’ve tested the Aukey charger with a variety of different gadgets and I pretty much know how long it takes to charge them up. I have to say that this charger indeed refills the batteries pretty quickly and it works well when all 3 USB ports are in use. For example, my old vivo Xshot was fully charged in about 15 minutes faster than using the original charger.
All in all, the Aukey 3 USB port fast charger is a neat little gadget, which is made of quality materials both inside and out, it is not expensive and works as advertised.