Meizu Pro 7: First images leaked

by Jitendra Soni 0

As per the schedule, Meizu is planning to launch its flagship Meizu MX6 on 19th July 2016. This already is a very powerful device, however, rumors are abuzz for the much hyped “Pro” device from Meizu.

Recently, a device image surfaced on social media claiming to be the Pro 7. The leaked images only showed the back of the mobile, which bears a totally different design language than its predecessors. Until now Meizu devices have been heavily inspired by Apple , however, it seems, now they’ve shifted their inspiration source to Samsung.

meizu pro 7 leak

This leaked image shows that Meizu Pro 7 features Samsung S 7 like rounded corners and glass body. This 3D technology has been successfully tested on S7 and it makes the device very comfortable to hold.

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The back of Meizu Pro 7 is minimalist in design and just has a camera, flash, and Meizu branding. We haven’t got any official confirmation from any Meizu officials yet regarding the authenticity of this leak. In case this stands out to be true, then we are looking at an extremely premium looking flagship device.


Additionally, we have the previous leaks that almost confirms the “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge” like dual-curved screen.