Xiaomi Notebook: Specs, Price, Variants & More (SUMMARY)

by Joel 11

We have been hearing about the Xiaomi Notebook since last year. In fact, recently, the number of leaks and rumors about the company’s first laptop have increased drastically, with most of the sources stating that the device will be announced at the company’s new conference on July 27. While we still haven’t received an official confirmation from the company regarding the launch of the new device at the event, considering the amount of information that we have received lately, we thought it would be a good idea to bring them all together to paint a complete picture of the upcoming Xiaomi Notebook.

So, let’s see what can we expect from the upcoming Xiaomi Notebook PC.



Design wise, the Xiaomi Notebook should come with a sleek aluminum light weight body. Most sources have said that the upcoming PC should look similar to the Apple MacBook range, which would make it a good looking laptop. In fact, we did see a leaked real life image of the device (down below ), featuring the Mi logo up front.

xiaomi notebook mac pro copy

If this is indeed the final design, then I am sure that most fans would be happy. But Apple may not like the fact that the laptop looks very similar to its MacBook.

We can expect the laptop to come in three display sizes — 12.5-inch, 13.3-inch, and 15.6-inch.

Since there could be three different variants of the Xiaomi Notebook, let’s take a look at each one of them in detail.


12.5-inch Model:

This will reportedly be the smallest variant in the company’s new laptop series. This could also be the cheapest and the lowest specced model. According to recent rumors, the 12.5-inch variant will feature a modest Intel Atom series processor. We are not quite sure that this would be the case as earlier we had heard that Xiaomi was working on cheap but powerful models. So, something like an i5 processor would be more suited for the 12.5-inch variant.

But if Xiaomi is indeed using an Atom processor inside this variant, then it could be very cheap. Also, the battery life could be amazing. Considering its small size and efficient processor, we can expect this model to be ideal for travelers.


13.3-inch Model:

xiaomi laptop

If you wanted something more powerful, then the 13.3-inch Xiaomi Notebook could be your ideal option. According to the latest rumors, the 13.3-inch variant is expected to feature the powerful i7-6500U chipset with 8GB RAM on board. Further, the laptop is said to run on the Windows 10 Pro version. USB Type-C port could be used for charging the device. However, the screen on the device won’t feature touch, at least that’s what the leak said.

The 13.3-inch variant seems to be the ideal model for power users and it is said that it could retail for somewhere around 3000 Yuan ($450). If true, this would be an amazing price tag for a laptop with these specs on board.


15.6-inch Model:

Unfortunately, at this time, there’s hardly any information about this large screen variant. This could be because, only the first two variants, i.e. the 12.5-inch and 13.3-inch models are expected to be released soon. Out of these two, the 12.5-inch model is said to be in mass production already, with latter soon starting production. This would mean that the 15.6-inch model won’t be released anytime soon. So, if you were waiting for a large screen laptop from Xiaomi, then your wait would probably extend till the end of the year or maybe more.

xiaomi notebook pc

While this basically covers most of the information about the upcoming Xiaomi Notebook variants, there are a couple of things that I would like to add in this article.



Xiaomi’s smartphones run on the company’s own MIUI OS, based on Google’s Android platform. There have been rumors that the company would continue using MIUI tweaked for PCs on its new Notebook PC, however, that likely won’t be the case. Xiaomi has had a good relationship with Microsoft, with a few of the company’s smartphones like the Mi4 running Windows platform. So, it is highly likely that the company extends this partnership for its laptops. This would be a safer move as well, considering the majority of PCs in the market today run on the Windows 10 platform.


Xiaomi always had the issue of low stock, with most of it’s in demand smartphones going out of stock in seconds during its flash sale. Things have improved drastically in the past few months though, all thanks to Lei Jun, who has now taken charge of the company’s supply.

But whether Xiaomi will stock up the upcoming Xiaomi Notebook in plenty is a question. This would be the first laptop from the company, and we may not see a lot of stock of the laptop in the early stages. So, the initial availability of the laptop could be limited.

However, there was a recent report which said that the company expects to easily sell 1 million units of its laptop after launch. So, we can’t really comment much about the availability of the device.


Well, that should sum up what we know/ expect from the upcoming Xiaomi Notebook PC.

Xiaomi is known to shake up the market where it enters, and don’t expect anything less from its first ever laptop!